L O D = Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation . KAHRAMAA hereby certifies that the WORK under the said CONTRACT has been. State of Qatar Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA” Regulations for the Installation of Electrical Wiring, Electrical EquipmentAnd Air. Any deviation to this regulation to be noticed to the Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA” by the contractor or consultant. These.

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For those multi stories buildings, the water tanks must be closer to the tie in point. Tube Nominal size Outside Dia.

Means set of pumps boosting water from the main cistern to the villa or flat utilities. The capacity of the main tanks Reservoir will be 0. Another stop valve shall be provided just before customer ground tank for maintenance and service performance.

Detailed drawing of cameras locations for each floor. Swimming Pool Circulating System. For every house connection, a terminal manhole Manhole Number 1 — MH1in accordance with the Standard Drawings, should be provided and should be positioned as shown on 3.

For any plumbing installation, the applicant Property Owner uses an Approved Water Installation Plumber in order to meet the requirements of this regulation. Comparison of Pipe Carrying Capacities. The pump sets must have minimum one extra pump as stand by pump.

Treated water entering the distribution system. The guidelines that must be considered while designing the plumbing system for new and addition to existing buildings by all consultants, customers and developers, are as follow: Moreover, all materials to be used in contact with potable water must have health certificate issued by the world wide known quality body certifier Either One Of The Following Listed In Section 7.


Regulations of Internal Water Installations and Connection Works

The violation committee to decide matters relating to violations of building permits. By reducing the water use by efficient means will reduce the energy required to supply and treat public water. The applicant in this stage exposed to these obligations for implementation of the project. In case of separate fire fighting system availability in the residential complex: This page location is: Organisms All water intended for drinking E.

For dual flush tanks: Proposed location of Fuel System incorporated in the layout regulatiobs. During the winter and spring periods, sever electrical storms with sheet and forked lightning can occur.

Means pipe that conveying water from down stream of booster pump up to the roof tanks on the roof of the building. Detail drawings of the Fuel System 5. Detail data of all Fuel System Equipments 6.

The Polypropylene pipes fitting shall be comply with the followings standards or equivalent: Building Permit Complex Centre, Tel. For underground installation, stop valve shall be made of gunmetal BS crutch head with gunmetal ended compression couplings to fit MDPE pipe both sides for all size range from 20 mm up to 63 mm.

Is my electricity meter single phase or three phase? Technical specification of cameras and security system devices. Study permit applications regulxtions additions and Permit. A polyethylene top plug shall prohibit the ingression of dirt.

Means the mechanical room containing filtration, chlorine dosing pumps used for water circulation regulattions, which carried out through the surge or balance tank serving such swimming pool.

Coil Length 25 1.

  6ES7 374-2XH01-0AA0 PDF

For multistory high rise buildings or towers kahrmaa BP Building Permit stage: In Residential Complex were water drawn to feed or supply water cistern. Means a pipeline that conveys water from the main allocated storage to the individual villa or buildings and other utilities inside the residential complex by the setoff water pumps.

Regulations of Internal Water Installations and Connection Works

Study permit applications maintenance of the buildings and the issuance of Permit. The capacity of the main water tanks designed for the sufficient required demand for flat, shops or office with storage of 48 Hours regukations storage capacity.

A house connection is defined as reguations connection from a development comprising domestic, commercial, industrial, institutional premises, etc to transfer foul flows to the public sewerage system.

Aerators shall be installed with conventional faucets and taps in bathrooms and kitchen of all private and public buildings. Pump installation at the downstream Outlet Discharge Point From That Tank with non return valve One Directional Valve that convey water to the roof storage tank of public house, villas or building roof tank. In case of swimming pool a relevant filtration, dosing and circulation plant arrangement needed, see figure CSD – CSI – 09 – Considerable amount of energy is consumed to deliver and treat the water we are using every day.

It is preferable to specify renewable energy source like solar energy for plumbing applications, such as, solar water heater. Study temporary license applications and issuing Permit.