HyperView is a complete post-processing and visualization environment for finite element analysis (FEA), CFD, multi-body system simulation, digital video, and. Getting Started with HyperView/HyperGraph (video series). By Matthias Basic interaction with HyperView * Animating PLOTTING BASICS. HyperView 8. 0 Tutorials. HyperWorks. Altair Engineering Contact Information Web site FTP site Address: or or.

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Smart Product Packaging Pays Off Our experts examine the challenges, advancements and trends that are changing the product packaging industry. HyperWorks at Hitachi Truck Manufacturing Hitachi Truck Manufacturing sought ways of reducing materials costs for its mammoth mining trucks, while remaining within standard specifications.

Multi-disciplinary Optimization of Aero-structures Learn about how HyperWorks can be used to perform multi-disciplinary analysis and optimization involving structural, thermal, dynamic, and fluid analysis.

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It seems like the tutorial formerly free? The team has to develop a very light and highly efficient race car within less than a year. The HyperGraph release provides tuyorials focused on handling of big databases. Dynamic analyses, multibody dynamics simulations, including flexible bodies and dynamic simulations are methods applied to optimize performance and vehicle safety.

It could be useful to got through some example before using it properly. Just search with HyperView or HyperGraph keyword. The author will present examples such as the optimization of a trolley support structure, a kinematics model of a ton truck and the analysis of a trailing arm. To achieve this a new pre and post-processing solution was needed.

Any chances some of those free video tutorials for Hyperworks still exist? Previously, users had to create a HyperView session, adjust all the pictures, snap a picture of each desired view, bring the visual assets into PowerPoint, crop and place, ttuorials back and create call-outs, and re-examine results to create notes for the report; this is now a push button operation.


Dialing into Simulation to Streamline Cellular Phone Development Upstream model simulation reduces product development time and enables Motorola to meet critical market demands. Combining topology optimization with laser additive manufacturing reveals new potential for lightweight structures Learn More.

Download the HyperView Brochure Share: They rely on close integration between a number of partners, each addressing significant issues. HyperView and HyperGraph Introduction is not available anymore?

Getting Started with HyperView/HyperGraph (video series) – Altair University

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. This unique product development process resulted in minimizing the flying height as much as possible while considering its stability. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Secondly, they come with demands for shorter development times with increased pressure to reduce engineering costs engineering, because of the complexity of the projects, being a major cost element.

There are tutorials available in the Help Menu for HyperView and HyperGraph which covers many aspects of post processing. Finally, the author will share his thoughts on the important subject of how simulation can better impact the design. Design Optimization Applied to the Development of an Oilfield Bistable Expandable Sand Screen This paper will cover the design, development, and testing of an expandable sand screen using bistable cell technology.

Post-processing with HyperView and HyperGraph HyperView received a variety of usability enhancements in the release, such as in-place legend editing and enhancements of the video overlay functionality. So you have to meet drivers ergonomically needs.

This data will often be used to create reports and presentations during the development process, using images and animations generated by HyperView to illustrate particular areas of a component where additional work may be required.

Navigation and Signal Tracing in Hyperview — Tracing signals, browsing through indexes, searching text, databases, or topic titles, zooming, and finding coordinates. Running Hyperview — Launching Hyperview: The course contains a tailored approach to using variuos tools within HyperMesh and HyperView for Aerospace users.


Hello, It seems like the tutorial formerly free? Speeding Development Time While Cutting Prototype Costs Wagon Automotive, a system and module supplier of components to major car builders, sought ways to accelerate product development and reduce prototyping costs while maintaining high quality.

Hyperview and HyperGraph tutorial – Altair HyperView – Altair Forum

Combining topology optimization with tutoriwls additive manufacturing reveals new potential for lightweight structures Challenge: Posted November 14, Dante Sanchez Discusses the Optimization of Mabe’s White Goods Packaging For white goods manufacturer Mabe, the quality of tutkrials design and engineering of their home appliances is paramount. An example of these simulation-based design applications is the CUICAR Deep Orange 3 Program,the third generation vehicle prototype designed and engineered by the Clemson engineering graduate students.

Filtering and handling of thousands of curves has been made significantly more efficient. The testing presented covers a wide range of structural integrity, expansion, sand retention, mudflow, and geomechanical tests performed hjperview the screen, base pipe, and connection.

The objectives of this project were to simulate the effect of the distribution environment events to a washer and dryer product and perform optimization to improve product protection while reducing material costs and weight.

View Success Story Video Share: Do It consists of a written exercise and model that can be opened in HyperWorks Desktop which allows you to perform the exercise on your own. HyperWorks is now an integral part of the design process at Hitachi.

The following describes this design and summarizes the application of Altair HyperWorks to meet the necessary engineering structural performance requirements for the underlying body structure.