The 10 day classified HUMINT-CI tradecraft Course (Reserves) is a hybrid course that combines HUMINT and counterintelligence concepts, procedures and. Apr 5, Intelligence Tradecraft Topics: Surveillance & Counter Surveillance Acquiring Human Intelligence Agnor, Francis. “The Interpreter as an Agent. Oct 2, As a former HUMINT collector, I am no stranger to the mocking cries of Instead, they need to find creative tradecraft solutions to our modern.

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If the proprietary began mining operations, it would naturally have access to explosives, which might be made available to sabotage groups in neighboring areas. Depending on the legal structure of the country, there may be significant, or very few, restrictions on domestic HUMINT.

Tradecraft is given the appropriate appearance of being little more than a normal part of the life of those who have to live by what otherwise would be rather strange-seeming activities. The agent may join, or even create, a new network.

Humint Tradecraft Jobs, Employment |

This section deals with the recruiting of human resources who do not work for a foreign intelligence service FIS. For security reasons, this ideally will be done outside the agent’s own country, but such may not always be possible. Here is how to do it, with ordinary equipment. Teaching countersurveillance techniques to agents is a calculated risk. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Sometimes, an agent is unstable, and this is a humintt complication; perhaps even requiring the evacuation of the agent.

Certain diplomatic titles were often assumed to be cover jobs. In Soviet theory, influencing policy was one aspect of what they termed active measures aktivnyye meropriyatiya.


Should it happen that operating conditions become difficult, or that the embassy is blockaded or closed down, the group will be able to rtadecraft its activities in the same way as before. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures. And though he groaned over the chore of putting it on paper, his reporting became thorough-and more than thorough, illuminating-for he rarely failed to make interpretive comments.

Avoiding detection of radio signals means minimizing the clandestine transmitter’s exposure to hostile direction-finding. Proprietaries, which can be large businesses e. It may be electronic. Certain services, such as name checks, communications, cover identities, and technical support may reasonably be combined, although the requirements of a particular field network should be held on a need-to-know basis.

Even hhumint the most sensitive agents, occasional personal meetings are important in maintaining psychological control.


This plainly makes life more secure for both parties. Sometimes a group consists of agents who for various reasons are known to each other. This phenomenon can be huumint in large part to the development of improved listening, transmitting, and recording devices, new installation tools and techniques, a systematized operational approach to making audio installations, and advances in rapid processing and full exploitation of the take.

Avoiding detection of radio communications involves all the principles of transmission and reception security. The readable prose size is 41 kilobytes. Especially in the case of non-national organizations, termination can be very literal, ranging from having a trusted operative kill the problematic agent, or, when culturally appropriate, sending the agent on a suicide mission. It achieves this through the use of non-Soviet double agents and Soviet double agents. Cognitive traps Competing hypotheses Target-centric Words of estimative probability.


Seminar in Tradecraft and HumInt

These officials may be used as false defectors A meeting held for training purposes may be a means for clarifying biographic data on the agent or his views on various subjects.

The article was written while this activity was still handled by Contact Division of the old Office of Operations.

Are some of your Special Assistants assigned to HQ only and never to ot Such a technique needs both a laboratory and considerable technical skill, and is prone to damage and to accidentally falling off the paper. He helped create the escape plan, the false identities and the disguises that got six Americans out of revolutionary Teheran while others were held hostage in Under the general term “brush pass” is a wide range of techniques in which one clandestine operative passes a physical item to another operative.

It is hard to detect because the secret message is a very small component of the larger amount, such as a few words hidden in a Web graphic.

A Western term for agents controlled as individuals is singleton. Archived from the original on For the UK fair trade organisation, see Traidcraft. The focus here is on gathering information from U.

A message left in a dead drop, or dropped during an improperly executed brush pass, is quite incriminating if counterintelligence personnel can immediately see suspicious information written on it.

Non-Soviet double agents are foreign nationals who have been “turned”. Upload your resume – Let employers find you.