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Air Force Instruction – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. AFPD , Aviation Service, and Air Force Instruction (AFI) , Aircrew Airborne visual signals will be in accordance with AFI accordance with Air Force Manual (AFMAN) , Management of Airborne visual signals will be in accordance with AFI , Aircraft.

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Landing distance charts assume what type of braking? Adverse yaw is the tendency of the aircraft to yaw away from direction of aileron input.

Smoothly advance the PCL to max. Actual or simulated instrument approaches and landings as lead or wing.

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Because the circling approach is generally flown at a lower altitude than the overhead pattern, proper displacement will appear to be much wider than normal. Normal cockpit indications when the emergency extension system is used are: AFI T-6 Vol 3 10 With operations group commander approval, aircrews may conduct operations at non-towered, public-use airfields, with the which of the following restrictions: To possibly discriminate between a fire or overheat condition: Barrel rolls or over-the-top maneuvers while on the wing.


During normal operation, the hydraulic system operates the: If the generator control switch GEN has been set to on in either cockpit, and the occupant of the other cockpit selects ON: If a solo student experiences an engine failure, the student may attempt a forced landing with the following restriction: Operations Group Commander approval is required to fly formation at night.

You are required to refer to the checklist to complete each individual item to ensure all items are completed. If the nose is pitched down, a left yaw tends to develop.

Study questions 1a

AFMAN rock wings attention in the air and move no closer than route until directed otherwise. When leading fingertip formation, limit maneuvering to knots minimum airspeed, approximately 90 degrees of bank, and 2 to 3 Gs.

While flying practice instrument approaches in VMC, if the pilot acknowledges reaching PWC minimums and states intentions to crewmembers, he may continue to published minimums.

Flap position is controlled by a three-position flap selector marked: The formation signal for attention in the 11-20 is to: AFI execute rapid, shallow wing rock. If the nose is yawed to the right, the nose tends to pitch down. AFI T-6 Vol 3.


Practice lost wingman procedures while on the wing. Initiate recovery from a power-on stall when: Pressing and holding the trim interrupt button: A good visual reference for proper downwind spacing at feet AGL is: What are the RCRs for dry, wet, and icy runway conditions respectively?

During an instrument trail departure, until join up or level off, each aircraft or element 111-205 call: AFMAN Maintaining flight path deconfliction and proper position as directed by 1 If in other than fingertip or route when radio failure occurs and a planned rejoin will not shortly follow, the NORDO aircraft should: AFMAN on or slightly above Typical reactions from a clockwise-turning propeller as viewed from the pilot’s seat include: If in aif than fingertip or route when radio failure occurs and a planned rejoin will not shortly follow, the NORDO aircraft should: Once extended, the speed brake remains xfi until: Preflight testing of the auxiliary battery power level is accomplished: The AOA gage is marked with a green arc at 10 to 11 units, which indicates:

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