rundfunkstaatsvertrag pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for rundfunkstaatsvertrag pdf. Will be grateful for any. European Audiovisual Observatory, Strasbourg .. Around 80 million people in the European Union (about 15% of the total population) are In Germany, neither the Rundfunkstaatsvertrag (Interstate Broadcasting Agreement) nor the. under Article 11f of the Rundfunkstaatsvertrag (Inter-State Agreement on Broadcasting . 15 March , and in December it proceeded to hear sixty bodies.

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In guidelines or individual cases they may also impose time limits with regard to films to which the Protection of Young Persons in Public Act does not apply or which, pursuant to the Act, are approved for adolescents under 16 years of age in order to allow for the special circumstances of films transmitted by television, especially television series.

A record shall be made at the place of search which contains the reasons for as well as the time and place of the search and its outcome which shall also indicate, where no judicial warrant has been issued, the facts which led to the assumption that any delay would be dangerous.

Article 2 Terms employed 1 Broadcasting is the provision and transmission for the general public of presentations of all kinds of speech, sound and picture, using electromagnetic oscillations without junction lines or along or by means of a conductor.

Article 36 Competency 1 The KEK and pursuant to Article 37, paragraph 2, the KDLM shall judge whether plurality of opinion is assured in connection with the nationwide transmission of television programmes.

Agreement on Broadcasting Preamble Section I: These periods may only be included 15.rundfunkstaatsveftrag the regional window programmes are editorially independent and together reach at least 50 per cent of television households nationwide. In no way are the 15.rundfhnkstaatsvertrag rights affected by the licence: Both broadcasting systems must be in a position to respond to the demands of national and international competition.

Article 55 Rule for Bavaria The Free State of Bavaria is entitled to make provision for a proportion of the licence fee pursuant to Article 40 to be used for the financing of tasks of the Bavarian State Agency for New Media under state law within the framework of public service broadcasting.

Article 30 Measures ensuring plurality Where the aforementioned provisions relate to measures by a broadcaster or company to ensure plurality they shall include: A further interruption shall be allowed if their duration is at least twenty minutes longer than two or more complete periods of forty-five minutes.

Interstate Broadcasting Agreement (Rundfunkstaatsvertrag)

Where brief reports on functions of a similar nature are summarised their news character must be preserved in such cases also. Paragraph 4, fifth sentence, shall apply mutatis mutandis.


Such referral may not be made by another state supervisory authority for private broadcasters. It takes account of European developments in the field of broadcasting.

The obligation not to divulge information pursuant to Article 24 shall also apply in the relationship between the members of the KEK and of the KDLM with other bodies of the state supervisory authorities for private broadcasters. Paragraph 2 shall remain unaffected. His opinion shall be adequately taken into account on all matters relating to the acquisition, production, scheduling and structuring of programmes.

If Article 15, paragraphs 1, 2 and 4, are not denounced with effect from 15.rundfunkstaatsverteag of these dates the same period of notice may be given every two years later. The location of the secretariat of the KEK shall be unanimously decided by the 15.runxfunkstaatsvertrag presidents.

The wording and date of the publication shall be determined by the supervisory authorities for private broadcasters exercising due discretion. If one state gives notice each state may denounce the Agreement on Television and Radio Licence Fees and the Agreement on Funding with effect from the same date within three months of receipt of the notice of denunciation.

Expenditure for the KEK and the KDLM shall be met from the funds allocated to the state supervisory authorities for private broadcasters pursuant to Article 10 of the Agreement on Funding. Article 49 Finable offences 1 A private broadcaster who operates a nationwide system commits a finable offence if it, with intent or negligence, 1.

Agreement on Licence Fees … Article 5: Article 40 Financing of special tasks 1 An additional two per cent of the standard television and radio licence 15.rundfunkstaaatsvertrag may be used to finance the following tasks: The supervisory authority 15.rundfunkstaafsvertrag examine whether the applications received are consistent with the provisions of this Inter-State Agreement and other provisions of state law and inform the broadcaster of the main programme which of them qualify for a licence.

If they fail to agree and the supervisory authority has received more than three applications which qualify for a licence it shall, after considering three proposals from the broadcaster of the main programme, select the one whose programme is likely to make the largest possible contribution to the plurality of the main programme and issue the licence.

They shall promote solidarity in united Germany as well as international understanding. Walther Pelzer is empowered to act as DLR’s legal representative. If the Agreement is not denounced as from that date the same period of notice may be given every two years subsequently. They shall establish joint offices for this purpose and for the preparation of decisions in individual cases.


Reports on any opinion surveys conducted by broadcasters must expressly indicate whether they are representative. The KEK shall decide with a majority of its statutory members. Article 10 Opinion surveys Reports on any opinion surveys conducted by broadcasters must expressly indicate whether they are representative.

rundfunkstaatsvertrag pdf – PDF Files

In accordance with the first sentence they shall examine such questions in particular when deciding on a licence or 15.rundfunkstaatsvertra licence modification, declaring changes in ownership relationships to be acceptable, and with regard to measures pursuant to Article 26, paragraph 4.

Public 15.rundfknkstaatsvertrag broadcasting and private broadcasting are committed to the free formation of individual and public opinion and encourage plurality of opinion. The KEK shall draw up an economic plan based on the principles of thrift and business efficiency.

Article 44 Insertion of advertisements 1 15.rundfunkstaarsvertrag transmission of religious services and programmes for children may not be interrupted by advertisements. Unless otherwise stated, the German Aerospace Center DLR reserves the rights to all images and videos used on this website. The report shall also comment on the application of Articles 26 to 32 and on any necessity for change in these provisions.

If no agreement is reached or the measures which the company and the KEK have agreed upon are not implemented within a reasonable period of time the state supervisory authority for private broadcasters may, after the KEK has established the facts, revoke as many of the programmes attributable to the company as necessary to ensure that the company no longer exercises a controlling influence.

Should you have any questions, please contact: Until the viewer ratings have been initially determined pursuant to Article 27 the existing data on viewer ratings shall be used as a basis for assessing whether plurality of opinion is assured in connection with the nationwide broadcasting of television programmes.

Reproduced with kind permission. The guidelines relating to Article 32 shall include in particular details regarding the appointment and composition of the Advisory Council for Programming.

15. rundfunkstaatsvertrag 2013 pdf

DLR images and video — terms and conditions of use Unless otherwise stated, the German Aerospace Center DLR reserves the 1.5rundfunkstaatsvertrag to all images and videos used on this website. In judicial proceedings an appeal may be made to the Federal Administrative Court inter alia on the ground that the judgement being contested was based on a violation of the provisions of this Agreement.

Broadcasting Law in Germany.