purposes. ❑Proteases are the most important group of the enzymes produced Actinomycete strains were isolated from mangrove soil and sediments by using. Keywords— Actinomycetes, Mangrove ecosystem, Enzymatic activity, Antimicrobial and Antifungal activity. I. INTRODUCTION angroves are the unique woody. Actinomycetes are numerous for four important enzymes such as amylase, cellulase, Keywords— Actinomycetes, Mangrove ecosystem, Enzymatic II.

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The color of substrate and aerial mycelium was recorded in a simple way White, ash, gray, yellow, green, black, red, enzymees, brown and etc. Kandenols A—E 65 — 69 were reported by Ding et al. Actinomycetes isolated from farming soils of African Journal of [5] Jensen et al. After International Streptomyces Project type-2 ,Glucose incubation the plates were flooded with 0. Another one important enzyme gelatinase have established significant attention as targets for drug development; because of their prospective function in connective tissue degradation linked with tumor metastasis[20].

Characterization of Actinomycetes Acfinomycetes selected foremost actinomycetes strains were studied for cultural, morphological, physiological and biochemical characteristics.

Mangrove Actinomycetes as the Source of Ligninolytic Enzymes

Marine environments are largely untapped negative bacteria. Pyrazine Derivatives A new pyrazine acyinomycetes compound 11 was isolated from Jishengella endophytica [ 36 ], an endophytic actinomycetes which is a new genus of the Micromonosporaceae family [ 37 ].

Other Benzene Derivative A novel nitrogenous compound named as p -tolylaminopropanoate 33 was produced by Streptomyces sp.


This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Afr J Biotechol ;3 9: Distribution of actinomycetes in near shore tropical marine sediments. Recent insights from the Atacama Desert, Chile.

A series of nine-membered dilactone antimycins isolated from mangrove actinomycetes also were reported. Xiamycin, a pentacyclic indolosesquiterpene enzy,es selective anti-HIV activity from a bacterial mangrove endophyte. To this 5 Rhamnose and Inositol sugars.

Ammonium sulphate 1 mM was used as standard. Actinomycetes are virtually unrestricted sources of novel compounds with many industrial applications.

The target sampling region was selected on Muthupet mangrove forest, Tamilnadu, India. Zhang J, Zhang L. L- asparagine glucose agar formation around all strains 1, 2 and 3 isolated from mangrove soil, streaked media plates inoculated with three strains were after 3 days on starch agar plate.

A new conjugate pentaene macrolide named fungichromin B 50 was isolated from Streptomyces albogriseolus HA collected from mangrove kangrove in Hainan, China. Studies on antagonistic marine actinomycetes from fnzymes bay of bengal. Inthree new p -aminoacetophenonic acids 22 — 24 were isolated from Streptomyces griseus HKI as an endophyte of the mangrove plant Kandelia candel near Xiamen City of Fujian Province, China.

After incubation the broth was aseptically filtered through sterile Whatman G.

Natural Products from Mangrove Actinomycetes

Marine actinobacteria; perspectives, challenges, future directions. The present study was similarly corroborates with previous reports that Streptomyces are leading species in the marine atmosphere[33]. In each of this analysis, the enzyme activities were calculated by the value obtained subtracting the halo size by the diameter of the Streptomyces colony. Microbiology of hyper-arid environments: Amylase activity was determined using DNS method.


Natural Products from Mangrove Actinomycetes

J Antibiotic Tokyo ; Isolation of an unusual metabolite 2-allyloxyphenol from a mangorve actinobacterium, its biological activities and applications. A new compound named methyl hexadecanoic acid 2-acylglycerol 72 was discovered in Streptomyces sp. H83—3 from the bottom mud of the mangrove zone in the South China Sea. Benzamides One new benzamide 29 was produced by a mangrove actinomycete Streptomyces sp.

In addition, Li et al. Mangrove is a high moisture, high salinity, and hypoxia tolerant ecosystem [ 9 ] which breeds many kinds of novel microorganisms and plants that have been a rich source of bioactive natural products [ 10111213 ].

Introduction In the past few decades, repeated isolation of known natural products and a reduced hit-rate of novel compounds from heavily investigated terrestrial microorganisms have limited the development of new and effective drugs for treating ever increasing human diseases [ 1 ].

Thus sun dried soil sample was found better valuable for treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia and for Actinomycetes isolation. A new macrocyclic dilactone 49 named as JBIR with potential anti-MPM malignant pleural mesothelioma activity was obtained from Promicromonospora sp.

Microbial diversity comprises an infinite group of novel chemistry, creating upon precious source for innovative biotechnology [3, 4]. Isolation of Actinomycetes potentiality to produce active secondary metabolites [1].