Louise Mensch is the author of fifteen novels under the name Louise Bagshawe. She has been a top ten bestseller and has been published in. Book Review: Glitz by Louise Bagshawe. “The four beautiful Chambers girls are rolling in money, thanks to the trust fund set up by their. Juno, her sister Athena and their cousins, Hester and Helen, are accustomed to living the high life, thanks to a trust fund set up by their super-rich, reclusive.

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This is not normally the type of book I buy as I’ve got older. As I began reading, the book went straight into the story, firstly introducing us to Uncle Clem and then to the Chambers cousins. Although I did enjoy this, its definately not as good as her earlier work and if you have never read any of her books before I definately don’t recommend starting with this one. She’s clearly researched this lifestyle, with great detail of society parties, sumptuous dinners and expensive labels of clothing and make up.

She’s also gone to great length to create a great world for these women, with wonderful expensive homes which are greatly detailed from decor to the paintings. At the end of the day, handouts are cursed money Glitz by Louise Bagshawe Goodreads Author.

Louise Bagshawe

Headline Review Destiny Louise Bagshawe. Louise Bagshawe has been one of my favourite authors for a few years. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. She attended local all-girls Catholic schools near her lohise home in Surrey, before going to Oxford University in Everyone would be beautiful, rich and completely in love.

Glitz by Louise Bagshawe

Benita Brown was born and brought up in Newcastle by her English mother, the youngest of thirteen children, and her Indian father, who came to Newcastle to study medicine and fell in love with the place and the people. And I am glad I did and it turned out to be quite enjoyable. In my personal opinion, I thought Uncle Clem started to show autistic traits. Jul 31, Holly rated it it was amazing. In fashion-and-beauty-crazed London, perhaps being talented just isn’t enough. Sharing a house with three gorgeous girls doesn’t help.


I knew that everything would work out in the end. Bagshawe uses great descriptive language when talking about the Chambers women, thoroughly describing everything from their hair, to their make-up to intricate details about their clothes and a lot of designer name-dropping.

After reading Glamour one of my favorites and Sparkles I was excited to get this book. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.

I just forgot that the description of their dresses and jewellery etc was a bit over the top.

As a writer, she has had drama and children’s fiction published, and has had several short films produced. Maybe it was just me, but I couldn’t get into it. He definitely has control issues and has to have things in a certain way that he depicts. With little more to do with her days than shopping and socialising, this is the life for which she was born. They are rich through their rich uncle, are very shallow, and except for the youngest do not contribute to society by actually holding a job or doing something useful.

And after reading the book, I started to understand why this book was compared to a glass of champagne Great story and I’m looking forward to reading more of her books one day. When I have a heavy book, life is stressful or I just want a good fantasy read, Louise Bagshawe has never let me down.

Two girls from two very different worlds, but Lita and Rebecca do have one thing in common: I bagshaww particularly like any of the main characters to begin with, but they kinda grew on me after a while. Much like her other books, it’s independent women striving to make it in the business world, succeeding fairly effortlessly, whilst looking fabulous and pulling fit men in the process.

Athena is seen as the frumpy boring Chamber’s girl who wants a career herself. If you would like to read other reviews check out my g,itz at http: The intentional refences to The Movie and Sparkles I love. But as is the case with the 2 novels previous to this one Sparkles and Glamourthere has been something missing from her books which I don’t feel makes the book as good as it could be. No eBook available Amazon. One obvious way it does this is to describe every outfit the girls put on for every party or interview or meeting they attend.


The girls lived a lavish lifestyle, attending the best parties, socialising with royalty, aristocrats, Lords and Ladies amongst other people of high society. Ollie gets engaged, and glutz new boss wants her to smarten up. Newer Post Older Post Home. All’s fair in love and war – especially when there’s a trust fund at stake.

Bgshawe 22, Mageela rated it really liked it. She remembers learning at the wedding that Josh had been unfaithful, but she certainly doesn’t remember killing him.

Who will learn to stand on their own two feet I just wish that we didn’t have to have a full fashion show every time the luise meet for a cup of coffee.

Diana’s combination of beauty and class has bagged her marriage to publishing mogul Ernie Foxton, and with that comes a stunning New York apartment, a designer wardrobe and a manicurist, hairdresser and masseuse on tap. Her sister Athena is an incredibly bahshawe woman, working at Oxford University trying to become an Oxford Don.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Nov 01, 3min45secs rated it really liked it. One set of sisters Diana and Venus do not have any parents due to a car crash and live at boarding school, while the other set of sisters Juno and Athena have a basic life growing up with mum and dad in a loving family home even if they don’t have as much g,itz everyone else.

Frequently the girls’ outfits are compared to one another. But when he summons his nieces to his mansion in the Seychelles to announce his engagement to Bai-Ling, a woman young enough to be their baby sister, the girls know the party could be over.

I thought I knew the characters well, I thought I knew where the story was going, I was so wrong! Fed up of being downbeat and dowdy, Anna decides to chase her dreams and, with a little help from her friends, embarks on a madcap scheme to get just what she’s after

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