Liquid War 6: libsys. If version is X.Y.Z, this is Y. This one should increase manually at each significant/public release of the game. Return value: a non- NULL. Pls any one who provide me Libsys Manual in Soft copy. LibSys is an integrated multiuser library management software, that caters to the needs of an advanced library and information professionals. It provides a tree.

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Converts a floating point libwys between 0. This list copies all the keys of the assoc, so it is safe to use it once the assoc is deleted.

Creates an empty list. Logs all default values to log file. Checks wether the reentrant libsy is empty or not. The coefficient can be used, to set the relative weight of each color. Pops a string from the serializer object.

Besides, those values are often used for their “rest” in a module operation, to translate textures for instance, and having too big numbers causes floating point imprecisions. So if you want an associative array of strings, key can disappear after calling this function, but not value. The callback passed when creating the assoc will be called if needed, to free the data automatically. Additionnally it will keep track of the call with an internal program-wide counter, thus enabling memory leak checks.

Describes an URL, with its elements splitted, this is just to be able to use half-parsed URLs and avoid redoing this parsing everytime. This is because we really do not want the game to leak, and detached threads are typically the kind of thing that leaves stuff in the heap.


This is a wrapper over the standard malloc function. Finally, these are real int32 values, they are not bit limited. You cannot push something else than a pointer, pushing an int is a very bad idea. The function will use the filename only anyway. The id of the object, this is non-zero and unique within one run session, incremented at each object creation.

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Returns the name of the package. If truncated to 3, “abcdef” becomes “abc”. This md5sum double-checks that two binaries have been built from the same sources. All threads must be joined. Music path can contain several directories. This is convenient in multithreaded contexts, typical pattern is a thread that pushes items, then another thread does massive transfers and processes each item separately with local pops on the regular list.

This is important, for instance to set the console “back in the state it was” after setting it on or off.

Libsys Manual

Returns the default config file. It also takes care of infrequent but routine functions such as bindery record management, books on display in the library, latest additions to the library, etc. The scale is done so that 10 in linear mode is 10 in scaled mode, and it uses a log-base conversion, so that with a base 10 it behaves the way the decibel sound-volume unit works.

Note that some tests perform file system operations and might therefore fail on a read-only filesystem, or if user permissions are not sufficient. Returns an md5 checkum which is caculated from C. Executes a function on all assoc items. Executes a function on all hash items.


Executes a function on all list items. By path we mean here a list of separated directories, separated by: Initializes the history system. String can then safely be sent on the network, for instance. A function which can be used to implement smooth moving. Runs the program from itsef, that is fires a new program the same running and ends up the current one.

Also avoids endianess issues.

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Might not work perfectly, this function is just used to provide default values for player names and such things. This is like a serial number. Basically contains “-I” switches which tell where the headers are. Besides LW6b has its own error messages. Returns the default user directory. Reads the content of a file, and returns it as a binary liibsys. Converts a bit integer to a string, the advantage of this function is it allocates memory, and does the dirty job. Note that this value is not static, manjal can depend, for instance, of the environment variable HOME.

Returns the data dir, taking in account command-line and environment variables. This is a high-risk function as it lets you do real dirty stuff but it really does save time compared to using a key returned by the database engine and libsyw search this key in a user-space hash table. Executes a function on all reentrant list items.