Read the latest magazines about Syscoa and discover magazines on ANNEXE SYSCOA – UEMOA · PLAN COMPTABLE SYSCOA DU SP-CONEDD. 22 févr. comptables et de l’organisation comptable: • Enregistrement: . le respect d’ une terminologie et de principes directeurs communs à. principes comptables suivis et les estimations significatives retenues pour l’arrêté des comptes et SYSCOA-OHADA (OHADA Accounting System) regulations.

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They also include the communication of entity values and behavioral standards to personnel through policy statements and codes of conduct and by example. The appropriateness of an entity’s organizational structure depends, comptablee part, on its size and the nature of its activities.

These controls help ensure that transactions occurred, are compttables, and are completely and accurately recorded and processed. Small entities may implement the control environment elements differently than larger entities. This factor includes how authority and responsibility for operating activities are assigned and how reporting relationships and authorization hierarchies are established.

La comptabilisation des notes de frais

Examples of application controls include checking the arithmetical accuracy of records, maintaining and reviewing accounts and trial balances, automated controls such as edit checks of input data and numerical sequence checks, and manual follow-up of exception reports. Monitoring is done to ensure comptales controls continue to operate effectively. Processing includes functions such as edit and validation, calculation, measurement, valuation, summarization, and reconciliation, whether performed by automated or manual procedures.

For example, standards for recruiting the most qualified individuals— with emphasis on educational background, prior work experience, past accomplishments, and evidence of integrity and ethical behavior—demonstrate an entity’s commitment to competent and trustworthy people.


A variety of controls comotables performed to check accuracy, completeness, and authorization of transactions. Examples of segregation of duties include reporting, reviewing and approving reconciliations and approval and control of documents.

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Management’s philosophy and operating style encompass a broad range of characteristics. Examples of princopes an auditor may consider include the following: They regularly provide information about the functioning of internal control, focusing considerable attention on evaluating the design and operation of internal control.

Competence is the knowledge and skills necessary to accomplish tasks that define the individual’s job. Entering into business areas or transactions with which an entity has little experience may introduce new risks associated with internal control.

Once risks are identified, management considers their significance, the likelihood of their occurrence, and how they should be managed. For example, if the timeliness and accuracy of bank reconciliations are not monitored, personnel syscox likely to stop preparing them.

This appendix further explains the above components as they relate to a financial statement audit.

Human resource policies and practices relate to recruitment, orientation, training, evaluating, counseling, promoting, compensating, and remedial actions.

Generally, control activities that may be relevant to an audit may be categorized as policies and procedures that pertain to the following: General IT-controls are polices and procedures that relate to many applications and support the effective functioning of application controls by helping to ensure the continued proper operation of information systems.

It is the foundation for effective internal control, providing discipline and structure. Ongoing monitoring activities are built into the normal recurring activities of an entity and include regular management and supervisory activities.


Promotions driven by periodic performance appraisals demonstrate the entity’s commitment to the advancement of qualified personnel to higher levels of responsibility.

La comptabilisation des notes de frais – mode d’emploi

Commitment to competence includes management’s consideration of the competence levels for particular jobs and how those levels translate into requisite skills and knowledge. Communication also can be made electronically, orally, and through the actions of management.

An entity develops an organizational structure suited to its needs.

However, if for financial reporting purposes management relies solely on perpetual inventory records, the physical security controls would be relevant to the audit. Further, small entities may find that certain types of control activities are not relevant because of controls applied by management.

les 9 principes comptables syscoa pdf

Establishing a relevant organizational structure includes considering key areas of authority and responsibility and appropriate lines of reporting. In addition, it includes policies and communications directed at ensuring that all personnel understand the entity’s objectives, sysoca how their individual actions interrelate and contribute to those objectives, and recognize how and for what they will be held accountable.

Risks can arise or change due to circumstances such as the following: Integrity and ethical values are essential elements of the control environment which influence the effectiveness of the design, administration, and monitoring of other components of internal control. coomptables

Also, management may consider communications relating to internal control from external auditors in performing monitoring activities.

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