The Leman Russ Punisher is the second “Siege” pattern Russ, and about as close to “enuff Dakka” as the Imperial Guard. Leman Russ Punisher tank from Games Workshop. I have two more of these to paint and assemble – one is one of the older version – with the. Ok so as the title says which would be best? For context i play pure tempestus scions and the leman russ would be played with the storm.

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Leman Russ Punisher | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

In a surprising move, GeeDubs decided to greenlight some 40k-themed shit for the online game World of Tanks, starting with the Spess Mehreen Predator tank on its mobile version. Then Forgeworld the company produced the Mars pattern Vanquisher, along with the Macharius Vanquisher, Implying new Vanquisher cannons are in production.

Pask is known for killing Titans with a Leman Russ and refusing to drive a Baneblade in favor of one. To be honest, I still don’t love the idea, I’m more about fluff and narrative than competition.

If the Leman Russ Demolisher hasn’t absorbed at least 6 attempts to destroy it by turn 2, you’re either doing it wrong or you also have a Baneblade. The Vanquisher is so specialized as an anti-tank weapon that it can be argued that it’s more a Tank Destroyer.

Here are the fruits of my labour using MathHammer. Forgeworld’s Imperial Armour Volume 1 mentioned this, however stated two rival Forgeworlds started production shortly after to fill the shortfall: The Plasma Cannon Sponsons are a different story.

From Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum.

It also For some reason shares its AP with every single Volkite weapon smaller than it on the table, including the fucking pistol. Early Soviet was just massed infantry without the heavy tanks, but then you wouldn’t be doing that now, would you?

Leman Russ Tactics & Full Breakdown

The basic Leman Russ Battle Tank is a simple, brutal machine built out of almost any metal, running on almost any fuel, sporting no complicated auto-targeting or driving systems — every gun is operated by a person inside the tank, and the controls are simple enough that a crew only needs minimal training before going into battle which the Departmento Munitorum really likes, though commanders on the ground tend to prefer more seasoned crews.


Quantity has a quality all its own Fitz-Badger March 5, at If sieging, assault guns Thunderer and massed artillery would be used to handle fortifications. Okay, so they’re only Strength Hull-mounted Lascannon or Heavy Bolter. Often squadrons of Punishers pynisher operate ahead of the main Imperial force, scything down the enemy to punisheg the very least more manageable numbers for follow-on forces. Due to terrible wording on tank orders which was not FAQ’dPask and the generic Commander can order themselves or each other.

Want to destroy that enemy vehicle for a good price? Its the cheapest wargear the Russ can take. Flip it and glue with some airplane cement that sorta fuses plastic together. In layman terms it is a one time use wall of death that deals D6 amount of damage.

The writing on the turret is my attempt to write “Tallarn” phonetically punishsr Arabic after skimming a wikipedia article on it. Even the basic Leman Russ is better than your army’s tanks. Generally, it is a good idea to keep your tanks behind your infantry, with the exception of Demolisher and Punisher. Obviously you’re going to put a hull lascannon on it, since you’d have to be lobotomised not to.

The biggest pain in the punisner, points for lema, a player will encounter when fighting the Imperial Guard ; the Leman Russ Battle Tank is so reliable and hard-hitting that it is named after the rapetastic Space Wolf Primarch, Leman Russ. I discovered this as I started to paint it and punishrr furiously angry. The treads are the harder part, as you have to puzzle out which of the medium sized pieces go where, not helped by the fact that the sprue works for the Russ and for the Chimera, so there are extra pieces The main thing you need to look out for is the battle cannon; With S8 AP3, it can smoke whole squads of just about anything, and any multi wound T4 models will get Insta Death’d as well.


Leman Russ Punisher – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

The current rulebook alone has seven, with several others being available through Forge World. They don’t offer whole hulls, but they have every kind of turret, track, sponson, and gun you could want, for Russes as well as Predators, Chimeras, Punizher and Baneblades.

It’s little wonder that the Leman Russ is one of coolest tanks in 40k; it just oozes with the rugged badassery that the IG are known for. Lemwn it is typical for Punisher crews to strip out all non-essential items in order to cram in as much ammunition as possible before setting off for battle.

His balls-of-steel rating is thus considered somewhere between Vance Motherfucking Stubbs and Colonel “I tore a Landshark’s throat out with my teeth” Straken. The Eradicator has the distinction of being the cheapest tank in the arsenal, and as such are often used as the ablative shield of Pask or a regular Tank Commander.

Leman Russ Battle Tank

Ryza, Mars and a third generic pattern found it the plastic kit. If you want good quality and properly scaled WW2 tanks puniisher, suitable 28mm models of which can be acquired from Warlord Games ‘ Bolt Action line.

Preacher by day March 5, at 5: Especially when you take a squadron of three and give each tank these barrels.

Emergency vents in the turret help disperse the heat produced by each shot while protective heat shielding screens the crew and allows enough time to escape the vehicle in punishee event of a minor containment field failure.