The Pasteurization of France, trans. A. Sheridan and J. Law, Cambridge Mass.: Harvard University Press, , BRUNO LATOUR The ‘Franslatcd by Aian Sheridan andjolin r^iw The Pasteurization of France Bruno Latour Translated by Alan Sheridan and John Law. The Pasteurization of France [Bruno Latour, Alan Sheridan, John Law] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What can one man accomplish.

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At the time — that is, before Pasteur had made himself necessary to the hygienists — one thing was certain: Nor can padteurization scientism of the period alone explain this immediate trust, for controversies were just as passionately fought out in that century as in any other.

When in the morning Kutuzov got up to fight a battle he did not want to fight, he discovered to his fury that not a single soldier was prepared.

The Pasteurization of France — Bruno Latour | Harvard University Press

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here They made pastfurization modern by bypassing all the others. Everything must be considered. Indeed, the fundamental problem of the hygienists is that this multiplicity, so short on remedies and details, did not protect them against failure. Verne’s Les millions de la Begum, which contrasts Hygie, the healthy French town, with Noson, the unhealthy “Boche” town, without the slightest mention of a microbe, is the literary counterpart of Petten- koffer.

This distinction between the two mechanisms is an essential one, because the strategies that it implemented were quite different and could vary in the same article.

The Pasteurization of France

When a man follows a woman to her hotel, he thinks he is settling the transaction with a pasteurizarion and ends his days in an asylum. People admired hygienic clothes, or- thopedic shoes, light-colored furniture that could be dusted easily, filters to purify water, bidets to wash one’s behind, and flushing sys- tems to evacuate excrement.


One may have guessed the cause of this shift in metaphysics. Latour argues that the triumph of the biologist and his methodology must be understood within the particular historical convergence of competing social forces and conflicting interests.

Con- tagionism as a general doctrine was powerless, but the Ariadne’s thread, making it possible to connect a ship, a train, a particular topography, a system of water supply, brought together both the traditional investigation and the new agent. In order to understand what constituted Pasteurism up to the end of the century, we must understand what the Pasteurians, few in number, offered the hygienists.

Koch and Peter Nothing demonstrates better the unanimity of the crowds that fol- lowed Pasteur and seized on his results than the few people who had what might be called the courage to oppose them. Ryan rated it really liked it May 30, The conflict between health and wealth was resolved to the benefit of the latter.

In the absence of such a focal point, all the energies of the social movement translated by the hygienists were dissipated through thin networks, all of them relatively equal in size and therefore doomed to extinction before being able to reach any of the great goals that the movement had set itself. The fulcrum provided by bacteriology should not let us forget that the enormous social movement was working for that mixture of urbanism, consumer protection, ecology as we would say nowadaysdefense of the environment, and moralization summed up by the word hygiene.

Nothing was really without a future, but nothing really had a future.

Full text of “Bruno Latour The Pasteurization Of France ( )”

It is the operation of these pastejrization, in combination with the talent of Pasteur, that Bruno Latour sets before us as a prime example of science in action. A Strong Microbes and Weak Hygienists 5 1 third turn of the ratchet. Indeed, all opinions speak with the same voice, and everybody works together to attack the micropar- asites: To use another metaphor, they were like the first observation balloons.


A century later Canguilhem, a French historian of science, takes up the same incantation when he writes about the Memoire of Pasteur on the theory of germs: When the state politics requires healthier people to defend the country and to fight against the enemy, the pasteurization and vaccination science might be one of the strongest solutions.

We farnce analyze these beliefs in the power of what is in germ in the same terms as when Koch, proposing a vaccine against tubercu- losis at the International Congress of Pastuerization inis besieged by patients from all over Europe possessed of the hope of being cured. Tolstoy was right here, too. Several thd boundaries are crossed to prove his points: Kari rated it it was amazing May 09, Though they seem to have no direct relations with each other at a glance, two wars have something in common and they meet at a certain point.

Nov 05, Jerry Balzano marked it as shelved Shelves: The prob- lem is no longer to defend science against religion, abuses, brown- shirts, or devious corporate interests. The poor may have no rights, but the contagious poor can blow up the whole outfit.

Translation of this book has been aided by a grant from the Georges Lurcy Charitable and Educational Trust. Instead of leading to sociological reductionism, this method leads to an unexpected irreductionism.