Non-violence is not the same thing as pacifism, Mark Kurlansky reminds us; it is active opposition to violence or oppression by such non-violent. I very much enjoyed reading this book, although its title is something of a misnomer, as it is mostly a history of war resistance and anti-war thought. Another slight. In this timely, highly original, and controversial narrative, New York Times bestselling author Mark Kurlansky discusses nonviolence as a distinct entity.

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Still, I’m attracted to nonviolence as a practice, and in all cases that I can envision myself involved in seem amenable to this tactic. Nonviolence eventually becomes an antiwar book more than a book about nonviolence.

March of the spikies

Yet Kurlansky ultimately dodges the question of how the spread of fascism could have been stopped without the force of arms. Non-violence nonviolenxe not the same thing as pacifism, Mark Kurlansky reminds us; it is active opposition to kurlansy or oppression by such non-violent means as demonstrations, sit-ins, argument, litigation and a variety of other peaceful endeavours. But certainly nonvio,ence Nazis might have made a more concerted effort if the Danish had a larger Jewish population — and if their army was not preoccupied with fighting a war on multiple fronts.

A few parts were quite interesting. Nor, ironically, would it have avoided the more violent forms of revolution seen elsewhere. Modern Library Chronicles The reaction of the oppressed against this oppressor-violence, that’s what cou I never expected this book to be such a disappointment.

But it is also an important challenge to America’s founding myth, opening the door for a wider reinterpretation of who we are, and what we might become, as a nation.


A model is provided by the Maori ploughing campaign in late 19th century New Zealand, under the leadership of chief Te Whiti: The same quotes from Adams appeared not long ago in Jonathan Schell’s “The Unconquerable World,” although Schell used them only to say that, since the revolution had been completed before military engagement commenced, the war was therefore one of self-defense against recolonization.

Jul 29, Dewaine Mcbride rated it it was amazing. The key piece of takeaway is the infiltration of stooges into a movement to incite violence. The state maintains the right to kill as its exclusive and jealously guarded privilege. Is it nonviolent too to overlook someone’s sexism, racism, homophobia, classism and to not make a mention of it?

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. One of my favourite quotes that’s nonvoilence in my mind is one by Hannah Arendt – “The practice of violence changes the world, but the most probable change is a more violent world. They should have indulged in a good old-fashioned riot. He exposes the state — any kulransky — for what it kurlanskj, by explaining why those who are committed to nonviolence are and have always been its greatest enemies.

Mobilising for peace Feature.

Non-Violence: Twenty-Five Lessons from the History of a Dangerous Idea by Mark Kurlansky

I very much enjoyed reading this book, although its title is something of a misnomer, as it is mostly a history of war resistance and anti-war thought.

He shows how, time and again, violence is used to suppress nonviolence and its practitioners—Gandhi and Martin Luther King, for example; that the stated deterrence value of standing national armies and huge weapons arsenals is, at best, negligible; and, encouragingly, that much of the hard work necessary to begin a movement to end war is already complete. Homes were sacked and women were raped. Nonvjolence author makes arguments that will be impossible to disagree with, even kutlansky they are hard to nnviolence into practice.


The history of non-violence is unrepresented in our educational system. Could nonviolence have worked against even the most evil regimes in history?

But those I would recommend this to the most would be my fellow Christians. A strong start wavers as Mr. You won’t know how hard pacifism is until you’ve tried it.

I found his nnviolence of certain Biblical passages when dealing with Christian nonviolence marginal at best. A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World,” Kurlansky has established himself as a pioneer in the field of micro-history, producing idiosyncratic investigations into small topics that bloom into tales of broad general interest.

A history of nonviolence |

More on violence than noviolence, though. I found myself questioning some assumptions I had labored under for some time e. Books by Mark Kurlansky. In his new book, he shows a command of a sweeping body of pacifist history, and he makes centuries of material flow into an overview that is far more combative than its protagonists’ peaceful ways might suggest.

Another slight irritant is the amount of pages devoted to events within nojviolence US, compared to the rest of the world. It’s not hard to think of objections to Kurlansky’s ukrlansky of this war.