Volume Spread Analysis is an attempt to predict the market direction. If you want to follow the footprints of the big players in the market, relying. Home Tags Kartik Marar. Tag: Kartik Marar. Smoothed RSI by Kartik Marar · nfzrmn – September 27, 1 · Nick Swing MA AFL by Kartik Marar. Trading The MACD Ver by Karthik Marar – Largest database of free formulas, indicators, oscillators and trading systems for Amibroker (AFL), Metastock.

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The system has the facility to set the ATR multiplication factor which has a default value of 0. Swing lows become swing Author: In the final climax run, the stock explodes in terms of volume and price. The High of this bar will be much higher than the previous high. Finding the bottom is more difficult than finding the Tops. Tom Williams divides this channel into upper quarter and lower quarter and karfhik reactions happen in these quarter.

There are a few things to lookout for. Of course the usual prolonged testing has not been done yet. karthim

High volume should be an important consideration. One thing to keep in mind when evaluating patterns is to check the volume pattern as well. But for the sake of synchronizing our thought I will iarthik these here. Before we proceed with further exploration of the K-Trend Indicator let me share with you my Trading system based on the K-Trend Indicator.

Sometime you would find weak up thrusts in early trends. The volume is low and the stock closing up. Going short on a low volume break of support could result in a bad trade.

The SM ensures that the stock is contained below a certain upper matar which is the supply area. Babu Kothandaraman from the above website Page 28 indication as the smart money is bullish on the stock and is interested in higher prices. So trading these breakouts could be tricky. Maraar is a subtle, sophisticated and sly process of cornering a huge quantity of the stock that makes the following phases possible and worthwhile.


If the next bar is a Downbar closing down it is clear that the weakness has set in and the immediate trend is reversing. Then the SM gets ready for mark up. In mark up phase marqr the stock has run marqr for some time, you will notice the volume diminishing and the spreads narrowing.

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A TEST bar typically dips into a previous high volume area and recovers to close near the high on low volume. Most of the time the Upthrust will be moving into new higher territory. K-Trend Indicator Version 1. Congestion area are mostly sideways range bound movements where the stock appears to have no interest either kartuik move up or to move down. As the name signifies this bar indicates absence of supply and indicates strength.

Low volumes indicate indecision among the traders ,arar bullishness and bearishness. Babu Kothandaraman from mara above website Page 11 3. Many a time, it is hard to maintain any semblance of the uptrend continuing and so a sideways congestion move ensues. However the signals were generated were too many creating a confusing picture. Then the stock moves up in stages. The price starts tumbling.

However these kinds of bar can be seen any where in a down trend.

Experiments in Technical Analysis

One of the major changes is the way the trend evaluation is done. He also karfhik area above the upper trend line or supply line as over bought zone and the area below the lower trend line as over sold zone. When the momentum turns positive from negative, In other words when the K-Trend Indicator is negative and changes from negative to positive.


Prices are supported at certain levels so that there is no panic.

This would suggest increased probability of a Trend line break. One of the most important characters of congestion areas is the Low Volume. It is a simple histogram based on the strength and weakness of the bar base on close volume and also the overall Trend. But the move faltered at the next level.

Volume Spread Analysis Karthik Marar

Babu Kothandaraman from the above website Page 8 A wide katthik Bar — If the spread of the bar is above 1. You will find weakness coming in at the top of the range and strength at the bottom of the range.

You will find that the volume is more on down days and less on up days. Many a time, you will not see any congestion areas. Posted by Karthik at 2: Also too much volume is not good.

A test bar viewed in isolation does not signify anything. Following are the basic things one should look at.

Volume Spread Analysis Karthik Marar – Free Download PDF

The Indicator can be downloaded for the link below. Just enclosing a chart with similar conditions mentioned above.

The general practice followed by most of us is to draw lines from previous swing Highs and Lows or high and low pivots.

These are Sentiment Kwrthik Indicators. The current down Trend may possibly end soon and we may see an Uptrend soon. Babu Kothandaraman from the above website Page 29 D Here the volume is simply tapered off.