This issue is primarily a bug-fix issue. The format of the document has been changed to docbook in order to sim- plify maintainance by several authors, as well. OpenSER includes from v Make commands to generate the documentation from SGML. This commands are: make modules-readme. See the chapter Routing Blocks in this document for more details about what types of routing blocks can be used in the configuration file and.

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The prototypes and data structures for pseudo-variables are defined in pvar.

Kamailio SIP Server v Development Guide

Most of Kamailio modules are using srdb1thus for this document the focus will be on how to use this option. At this moment the following transports kamailoi available:. To minimize the blocked time the following parameters can be used max 2s:. Route blocks can be executed on network events e. Link To Old Wiki Site.

Most of them relate to SIP message documetnation. Abstract This book documents the internal architecture of Kamailio SIP Server, providing the details useful to develop extensions in the core or as a module. Prior starting writing code, check with developers whether that functionality is already implemented. The purpose of this chapter is to teach how to add new statistic variables. To add new transformations, you have to implement the two functions.


Please use this function only if needed, as this creates portability issues for the different databases. The book tries to ease the understanding of Kamailio from a developer point of view, giving the kick documfntation knowledge, it does not intend to be a cookbook. The comments in the definition are kamailuo, each internal structure and data type is detailed in the next sections. The structure holding a parsed SIP header.

You just simply add next line after all header files includes. See the specific chapters in this guide that approach these topics for real examples of how to do it for each one.

This structure represents a database connection, pointer to this structure are used as a connection handle from modules uses the db API. The structure corresponds to a parsed representation of the first line in a SIP message. This is useful to filter log messages when akmailio many instances of Kamailio on same server. For now only association reuse for replies is affected by it. Number of microseconds to wait after initializing a module – useful to cope with systems where are rate limits on new connections to database or other systems.

Kamailio Documentation

It is executed for all replies received from the network. The maximum number of outgoing branches for each SIP request. This tutorial collects the functions and parameters exported by Kamailio core to configuration file. The C function setflag Checks if a pseudo variable argument contains integer value. Also keep in mind that you need to escape all external data sources that you use.


Last thing you have to add is to complete documenfation function print action Can be kamailik or ‘no’. Kamailio has an internal debugger for memory – it is able to show the chunks allocated in private or shared memory and the file and line from where it was allocated. Kamailio Devel Mailing List – http: During the last year, over 30 registered developers contributed code to project. An internal library is automatically loaded at runtime if there is a module in config file that requires code from it.

Download Sources of v4. For numbers, one can use: See Module Development section for more details on this topic.

The new architecture for v3. Lock Set API 3.

cookbooksx:core [Kamailio SIP Server Wiki]

Limit of latency in ms for db operations. The function expects to find in kamialio input tree, one flag stateone number group and a string the address. Source code for a module has to be placed in a directory inside subfolders: