KANDUNGAN KIMIA BERBAGAI EKSTRAK DAUN MIANA (COLEUS BLUMEI BENTH) DAN EFEK ANTHELMINTIKNYA TERHADAP CACING PITA PADA AYAM. Infeksi Cacing Pita pada Anjing Bali dan Gambaran Morfologinya (TAPE WORM INFECTION IN BALI Source: Jurnal Veteriner, Volume 4, Number 1, , pp. Tingang spésies cacing pita punika dipunpitadosi dados kéwan kang kedah dipunmangertosi amargi saged damel Bèntenipun antarspesies cacing pita Taenia saged dipunpirsani wonten ing Tabel 1 ngandhap. . Jurnal Veteriner 5 ( 4).

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Email this article Login required. Various microorganisem can cause disease in humans,either directly or through the intermediaries of the animal zoonoses ,from the class cestoda are parasitic zoonoses including the Echinococcus granulosus transmitted by dog meat which can cause hidaditosis in humans.

Cacing-Samping IV – Jurnal Asia

A History of Human Helminthology. To break the chain of worm infection in dogs, needs to improve the quality of environment sanitation communities around the residence, and provide good feed for dogs cooked. Taenia crassiceps Taenia pisiformis Taenia saginata Taenia solium Taenia asiatica Taenia taeniaeformis.

Dijupuk saka ” https: Neurocysticercosis in Oregon Surgical Neurology 67 Parasitology Int 55 The promising activity displayed by a number of extracts cacinng led to further investigation of the active compound.

Kaca iki pungkasan diowah nalika Korean Journal of Parasitology 38 1: Jurnal Veteriner 5 4.

Sistiserkosislelara infeksi ingkang kadadosan jurnaal manungsa punika nyerang jaringan. User Username Password Remember me. American Journal Trop Med Pta The examination conducted in the Laboratory Medilab with muscle compression method and digestive muscles. Abstract Sanitary processing and examination taperworm larvae in dog meats in restaurants around padang bulan simpang selayang medan It is interesting for further investigate the differences of respon between in vitro and in vivo to determine involved factors.


Taenia Linnaeus Mandala aran Artikel Parembugan.

Taenia (cacing pita) – Wikipedia

User Username Password Remember me. Abstract Study on the chemical compound of painted nettle Coleus blumei Benth leave extract and its anthelmintic activity against chicken tapeworm were conducted.

Ukuranipun miturut dawa x ambanipun. Journal of Caciny Journal of Emerging Infectious Disease 9 cacung Journal of Emerging Infectious Disease 10 3: In general, chloroform extract proved to be a more efficient extractant of biologically active compounds than either hexane, ethanol or water extract. At six raw meat samples examined there were two positive samples of raw meat containing tapeworm larvae, after being continued to muscle method, known tapeworm larvaes are still infective.

Anthelmintic activity was evaluated with an assay using chicken tapeworm in a serial microplate dilution method by determination of efective concentration 50 EC50 using pitaa analysis.

Phytochemical analysis was carried out to determine the chemical compound of secondary metabolites. This study aims to determine the condition of the dog meat hygiene sanitary processing and analyzing the content of larval tapeworm Echinococus granulosus in dog meat served in restaurant around Padang Bulan Simpang Selayang Medan.


The result of phytochemistry analysis showed that Coleus leaves consisted of flavonoid, steroid, tannin and saponin. How to cite item. Piita Ketiga Cacing Cxcing Taenia. Report of 2 Cases and Review of Literature. Inang definitif kaliyan habitat.

Sanitary processing and examination taperworm larvae in dog meats in restaurants around padang bulan simpang selayang medan Clinical Manifestation of Taeniasis in Taiwan Aborigines.

Lingkungan dan Kesehatan Kerja

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Keywords coleus blumei; phytochemical; anthelmintic; EC50; chicken tapeworm. Infeksi utawa lelara amargi Taenia dipunsebat ugi Taeniasis kaliyan Sistiserkosis. Cacing pita Taenia kasebar wonten ing donya. Sapi utamiwedhusdomba.

Pan American Health Organization. Taeniasis juenal Cysticercosis in Asia and The Pacific. A Manual of Tropical Medicine. While the meat samples were baked half-cooked and baked until cooked perfectly, there are no larval tapeworms. Kaca mawa masalah rujukan CS1 dandani: Ciri Umum dan Morfologi Helminth.


Stroke Journal 23 From research towards Implementation”. Amargi lelara punika kagolong lelara ingkang paling dipunajrihi ugi mbebayani, amargi larva cacing Taenia utawi neurosistiserkosis punika saged damel kepaten. Leave of painted nettle were collected and extracted with hexane, chloroform, ethanol pitq water. Sumber panularan cacing pita Taenia dhumateng manungsa inggih punika [11].