Set in the grim slums of Dublin during the Irish civil war of –23, the play chronicles the Juno and the Paycock, tragicomedy in three acts by Sean O’ Casey. The most famous play by this remarkable Irish dramatist. Juno and the Paycock has been produced throughout the world and offers a compelling look at the. Setting. The living apartment of a two-room Tenancy of the Boyle Family, in a tenement house in Dublin. Period of the play,

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He signs a paper, puts it into the case, which he shuts’ with a snap, and sits back pompously in the chair. She is callin’, callin’, callin’, in the win’ an’ on the sea. She goes off with the gramophone.

The way he was always bringin’ you to dances, I thought he was mad afther you. Amn’t I nicely handicapped with the whole o’ yous! Retrieved from ” https: A lamp is lighting on the table. Hasn’t the whole house, nearly, been massacreed?

Juno and the Paycock – Wikipedia

For mem’ry’s the only friend that grief can call its own, that grief. Thenceforward Bentham loses his interest in Mary, although she is shortly to bear his child. He rushes out J MRS. We’ve nothin’ to do with these things, one way or t’other. His nervousness and irritability increase almost to mania when he learns through a newspaper that one of his former “Die-hard” comrades, Bobbie Tancred, has been killed because of information that Johnny has given the authorities.

A table and some chairs. An’, if I get up aself, how am I goin’ to get down agen? Boyle, where’s the Captain? I have heard the mavis singin’ his love song to the morn; I have seen the dew-dhrop clingin’ to the rose jus’ newly born; but.


Mark Twain, American humorist, journalist, lecturer, and novelist who acquired international fame paycocl. Why don’t you speak your mind, then? I’ll sit beside you as long as you like, only tell me what was it came across you at all?

Juno and the Paycock

What do you want to be gallopin’ about afther me for? Tancred of the two-pair back; her son was found, e’er yestherday, lyin’ out beyant Finglas riddled with bullets. So much th’ betther.

Blowing gently through his lips] That’s the Prawna! You hardly speak to me, an’ then only a word with a face o’ bittherness on it. He told me that there were two only that he wished to leave his property to: JUNO leaves the box on the table and flops yhe a chair?

Full text of ” OU Juno And The Paycock”

You know the foreman o’ that job that’s goin’ on down in Killesther, don’t you, Joxer? A musical adaptation of the play, titled Junowas created by Marc Blitzstein music, lyrics and Joseph Stein book and opened on Broadway in Pull over to the fire, Joxer, an’ we’ll have a cup o’ tay in a minute.

Oh, I’m very sorry, Mrs. Here, get out, ower o’this; I always knew you were a prognosticator an’ a pro- crastinator! He was not what some call pious — seldom at church or prayer; For the greatest scoundrels I know, sir, goes every Sunday there. Oh, is there a mad dog there? A glaringly upholstered arm-chair and lounge; cheap pictures andphotos everywhere.

Sure, the house couldn’t hould them lately; an’ he goin’ about like a mastherpiece of the Free Paucock counthry; forgettin’ their friends; forgettin’ God — wouldn’t even lift his hat passin’ a chapel! Are you be yourself? Bentham, in this chair; it’s more comfortabler than that, Mr. Thry another one, Mr.



The irony of course is that he has never had any of this money and never will. MARY breaks away and rushes out. As a result, numerous relations are claiming the inheritance, which is rapidly being eaten up by legal costs; to make matters worse, Bentham has apparently fled the country out of shame.

Right from the opening scene, Captain Jack Boyle is portrayed as llay and idle. I’ve a faint recollection of you tellin’ me that before.

If there was e’er a genuine job goin’ you’d be dh’other way about — not able to lift junno arms with the pains in lpay legs! Between the window and. I have somethin’ else to think of besides collogin’ with Joxer. Retrieved 29 February I’ll read it myself, Mary, by an’ by, when I come home. Are you goin’ to lecture me now? She shuts the door with a bang. An’ now here’s the two of us oul’ women, standin’ one on each side of a scales o’ sorra, balanced be the bodies of our two dead darlin’ sons.

Left, llay door leading to another part of the house; left of door xnd window looking into the street; at back a dresser; farther to right at back, a window looking into the back of the house. Boyle has nicknamed his wife “Juno” because she “was born and christened in June. BOYLE prepares the whisky.