The first posts using John Titor’s military symbol appeared on the Time Travel Not all refer to the original dates posted. Would you believe it? Fifteen years ago, on March 24, , the individual posting as John Titor left his final message on the Post2Post Art Bell. If you’d like to read Titor’s original posts, has them available on their website (here’s another version with better formatting).

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Is that what time travel means to you? The observed path of the traveler is obtained by changing the gravity, not by moving the vehicle. I just add things up logically, and from my prespective, the story does not seem real.

Original John Titor Posts (Post2Post Art Bell Forum) – Part 1

I enjoyed reading it, thanx! The unit is powered by two, top-spin, dual-positive singularities that produce a standard, off-set Tipler sinusoid. My goal is not to believed and I submit that your life would not be any better and perhaps worse if you did believe me.

The web page is not mine. I suspect that the final thing we will have to give up to get to God is our free will. Lastly, what more do kohn know about UFOs and those pesky greys? I wonder what it would have been like to see a plane break the sound barrier before the jet engine was invented?

Or that your inaction is any more moral than involvement. How much training is required before you can time travel? I have noticed more people in California are installing oribinal burning stoves. The next question is religion, if time travel is possible, what does that do to the reilgious?

If I could bring some material thing back to your time fromit would be a copy of the new US Constitution. I understand the dilemma origginal paradoxes involved in the moral questions. Yes, solar is big. Why would I want to talk to you? Personally I like the Spiritualist ideal of pre-physical choice — I chose to be here, I chose this existence, extending that to…I chose this timeline.

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I was very surprised to see how prolific it is.

Original John Titor Posts (Post2Post Art Bell Forum) – Part 2 – Paranoia Magazine

I think you would be surprised how much real work is being done right now. Although not impossible, I doubt there is another time traveler here from Now as to answering my previous post… I simply placed originall task there that if done would not alter my time-line but for sure answer one thing — I believe in the reality of Alien technology as I was one of several verifiable people to OBSERVE the same occurence. I do remember who won the triple crown about 30 years ago; Secretariat inalso I think Affirmed did it in The question lists a number of paranormal conspiracy theories and then asks about weather control in the year John, 1 What effect will following technologies have MEMs microelectromechanicals quantum computers fuel cells.

What the hell is wrong with you? People odiginal valued and judged based tittor their contribution and worth. It would be quickly spread out over the lateral length of the gravity field.

I have had a possible encounter with my future self that I can only characterize as being very strange. John,thank you for sharing,I find this fasinating.

The John Titor thread | Paranormal Forum: Where Things Go Bump In The Night

John Titor ,i posted to you postw and would like to let you know that i would love to come along for the ride to the future if you need a sidekick,i am able to fly hot air balloons,a good shot,physically strong and quick,smart on my feet in case a odd event occurs and I would not mind leaving this time to go to yours.


There are numerous people and organizations that contribute to the practical application of physical time travel. Your example of what people johm do based on something I might say is accurate. A most compelling story and an interesting person. I have observed that people with unfounded and irrational fears about their fellow man in this time have the luxury of not having their beliefs tested. Ghz is not a useful measurement. Should I bring tin foil?

Do any of the states have new names? However, like everything else, the monetary system is decentralized.

I understand why the news does it. Are you suggesting there are infinite number jonn my souls around? Life was very hard. I appreciate your frustration and quite a few people have asked me questions like this. I had a read of your site. You can, under certain circumstances, beat a polygraph, but only if the examiner is very inexperienced.

This means, of course, more sophisticated computers than that old IBM box that John uses or gear that works in conjunction with it.

The unit is built very well but the tolerances are very small. They are trying to hold an audience by generating conflict. When the machine is turned off, it is the reverse affect. A bit of both perhaps? First off, the aircraft are much more originla and made of metal instead of wood and fabric. Just an obviously curious note: You are either from the future as you say, or you are the next Robert Heinlein.