Some writers are prolific. A better adjective for John Scalzi might be “possessed.” You’d think he’d have his hands full churning out novels at a machine-gun. The third book in John Scalzi’s exciting sci-fi series which started with Old Man’s War. This essay, on The Last Colony, is the third installment in an on-going retrospective of John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War series. Previous.

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Zoe, their adoptive daughter, has a blast of a teenage life. But I will tell you this about it: It was fun, pure entertainment.

View all 5 comments. I want to know more. We may forgive him. They all have this laid back mid-West US talk, and they use the word ‘no offense’ all too often.

The Last Colony (Old Man’s War #3) by John Scalzi

And this lends much authenticity to the way he shows them compromising and working together. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Then the Colojy plays a switcheroo on the colonists, and they become pawns in a chess match between the CDF and the alien Conclave on a world called Roanoke. Thus, another craven e-mail to PNH explaining the situation, and then another overhaul of the story.

Same could be lasy for a number of movies, including the Star Wars trilogy.

This time John Perry and Jane Sagan have retired to an ostensibly uneventful life on the colony Huckleberry as an ombudsman and head of security. What does work, and quite well, is the portrayal of the mundane, daily crises that lasy emerging colony must endure, and the relationships between those on whom the survival of hundreds of people relies.


If you want to contact John, using the thf function here is a really bad way to do it. Out went the third-person chapters, and in came a new focus on John Perry and his point of view.

Killing off the main character early in the story rarely happens in movies these days. Later, when it becomes clear that the people in the Colonial Union who named the colony have nefarious plans for it, Perry reflects that hm, it must have been a deliberate choice to name his colony after the original Lost Colony! This page was last edited on 28 Marchat The Union attempted to destabilize the Conclave by making them appear incompetent, due to their inability to find a single colony despite a year’s worth of searching.

Thoughts on The Last Colony

But joun didn’t, and it’s too bad. While colonization is supposed to be boring, that doesn’t mean the plot should be boring when they’re colonizing. Thank colojy for writing. Can I skip this books and move on to the next book or would you say this book gives me some pretty important information?

While there, he and Zoe Boutin now 18 years old or so would make a discovery that would threaten the safety of the entire colony, complete with a possible interstellar war. This shatters the Conclave into multiple factions, several of which swear vengeance on the Union. From the start, it seemed really obvious to me that the Colonial Union was lying about the Conclave and that the Conclave was a much better plan than anything else available.


Ich war kurz vor dem Abbruch. In fact, there’s a good reason Old Man’s War gets compared often to Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers ; both novels achieve the dubious goal of simultaneously glorifying and decrying war.

A better adjective for John Scalzi might be “possessed. Tweets by SFReviewsnet Some writers are prolific. You told me so yourself. Perry and all his family going Deux Machina mode and outsmarting and outmanoeuvring not only CDF but also Conclave with all their united intelligent species.

Wink the Astrokitty drawn by Matt Olson. There are significant military actions in the story, but most of the tale is taken up with intelligence work and political maneuvering.

The narrative is presented in four cohesive sections told in first person by different players in the drama. Rather than draw those conflicts out in black and white terms, Scalzi gives each supporting character a lot of nuance. The weaving of multiple threads and complex strategies lift the novel a bit above the pulp level. I guess i have no choice though. I hope you like it, when it comes out lash late It seemed the only way to tell the reader things that the Protagonist has no way of knowing.

John Perry, Jane Sagan, and the colonists got thoroughly screwed in this book.