Westside for Skinny Bastards 1. A modified lifting program for “Hardgainers”. by Joe DeFranco | 04/30/ Westide-for-skinny-bastards. Tags: Bodybuilding. Joe Defranco’s WS4SB on the other hand is inspired by the original Westside template but aims to tweak it for field sport athletes by reducing the volume a little, . I really like Joe DeFranco so I thought I’d give WS4SB3 a try. I like how it’s a WS4SB has been around for a long time. Defranco knows his.

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WS4SB – still relevant

Progress posts must be detailed and useful 5. Here are the symptoms of low testosterone and everything you need to know to fix it. If you’re weak, you’re dead! Vertical Pulling — Perform 4 sets of reps.

If you’re a rugby coach or athlete who is serious about physical performance on the field, you came to the right place. Through my experience of working with these different athletes, I’m constantly manipulating the system so it better suits an athlete’s specific sport and his training level.

I’ve found this to serve as a sort of deload. This is because repetition work is easier on the joints following a grueling season and it’s a great way to pack on any muscle that was lost during the season.


There is a difference. Click Here for a one-stop shop of our most important resources. Now, before all of the hardcore Westside “disciples” start grumbling, remember that this program is wss4sb intended for advanced powerlifters. Getting Started with Fitness. To me this is a big improvement for rugby players however there are still some issues:. WS4SB has been around for a long w4ssb.

And if you’re not familiar with all the exercises listed, just use the search engine here at T-mag. They are concerned with only one thing: The first exercise on your lower body day will be a max effort lift.

I think for someone looking to cut a bit of weight after SS or incorporate conditioning for sport into their defrahco this is a reasonably flexible programme. Below I’ve provided four real-world success stories to prove it.

This is because maximal strength builds the foundation for all other strength qualities such as speed-strength and strength-endurance.

These healthed-up cookies will satisfy your cravings without expanding your waistline. Their legs would never fully recover and it would take away from their speed and conditioning workouts.

The PDF is formatted well.

Westside for Skinny Bastards 1 | T Nation

Since Wednesday is your only leg jow, I recommend a lower body sled-dragging workout on Saturday. In my opinion, max effort work should be the “nuts and bolts” of any strength-training program. After a few weeks of reaching new 3RM when it starts to become a major grind I switch.


John Iannuzzi, year-old high school basketball player. The extra reps also increase the time under tension, which can lead to greater hypertrophy size gains. No threads that are jeo by the Wiki, searching, or Google 1. As a bonus, every one of these “hardgainers” has the strength to match their newfound muscle!

The best programmes will always be tailored specifically to your physical and technical needs. No, create an account now. No threads that are answered by the Wiki, searching, or Google. A few important things to state from the outset.

Staying lean is difficult. These kids have packed on slabs of muscle mass using this program and good nutrition — and they’re still growing! Here’s how to fix it. Now, if I were to write about all of the different templates I’ve designed for the different sports and skill levels, this would be the War and Peace of training articles!

I must leave room for conditioning workouts, GPP general physical preparedness and skill training. Yes, my password is: