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At the feet of the master

I maintain that truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect. This new vision and consciousness reached a climax inwhen Krishnamurti rebuffed attempts by Leadbeater and Besant to continue with The Order of the Star, the section of the Theosophical Society devoted to the coming of the World Teacher.

If your thinking is not straight, think straight, logically. Krishnamurti was nursed by friends and professionals.

Because once rkishnamurti define a thing it becomes dead. Nevertheless, Krishnamurti met and held discussions with physicists Fritjof Capra and E. Sensitivity, not only to beauty but also to all other things.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

He was described, initially, as a halting, hesitant, and repetitive speaker, but his delivery and confidence improved, and he gradually took command of the teulgu. His father, Jiddu Narayaniah, was employed as an official of the British colonial administration.

I desire to free him from all cages, from all fears, and not to found religions, new sects, nor to establish new theories and new philosophies. This is no magnificent deed, because I do not want followers, and I mean this. He died; I wept in loneliness. Krishnamurti often later called Krishnaji [15] and his younger brother Nityananda Nitya were privately tutored at the Theosophical compound in Madras, and later exposed to a comparatively opulent life among a segment of European high society as they continued their education abroad.


Biography of Jiddu Krishnamurti

The first signs came almost nine months before his death, when he felt very tired. Truth, being limitless, unconditioned, unapproachable by any path whatsoever, cannot be organized; nor should any organization be formed to lead or coerce people along a particular path.

Interest in Krishnamurti and his work has persisted in the years since his death. Later the process resumed intermittently, with varying degrees of pain, physical discomfort and sensitivity, occasionally a lapse into a childlike state, and sometimes an apparent fading out of consciousness, explained as either his body giving in to pain or his mind “going off”.

The Krishnamurti Foundationestablished in by him and Annie Besant, runs many schools in India and abroad. His family which included, himself, his four sons, and a nephew moved there on Jan 23, Lutyens states that there came a time when Krishnamurti fully believed that he was to become the World Teacher.

She also said that he was at such an “elevated” level that he was incapable of forming “normal personal relationships”. Leadbeater and a small number of trusted associates undertook the task of educating, protecting, and generally preparing Krishnamurti as the “vehicle” of the expected World Teacher. Upon Nitya’s death, he had promised Besant that he would look after Krishnamurti. The relationship between the Theosophical Society and his work, P.

In Krishnamurti and Nitya travelled from Sydney to California. The Years of Awakening. He did take to foreign languages, in time speaking several with some fluency.

Jiddu Krishnamurti – Wikipedia

Jidru friend said to the devil, “What did that man pick up? As a young man, he disavowed this idea and dissolved the Order of the Star in the Jiddhan organisation that had been established to support it. Separation from father Krishna, or Krishnaji, as he was often known, and his younger brother Nitya were educated at the Theosophical compound and later taken to England to finish their education. He was born in a small town about miles km north of Madras, India.


Krishnamurti very much enjoyed the Lama’s company and by his own admission could not bring up his anti-guru views, mindful of the Lama’s feelings.

Krishnamurti’s once close relationship to the Rajagopals deteriorated to the point that Krishnamurti in his later years, took Rajagopal head of Krishnamurti Writings, Inc. Krishnamurti was fond of his mother Sanjeevamma, who died when he was ten. He was born in a Telugu -speaking family.

It had come to him alone and had not been planted in him by his mentors These experiences were accompanied or followed by what was interchangeably described as, “the benediction,” “the immensity,” “the sacredness,” “the vastness” and, most often, “the otherness” or “the other. Hinduism Hinduism in the West Indian philosophy Indian religions. Krishnamurti had commented to friends that he did not wish to invite death, but was not sure how long his body would last he had already lost considerable weightand once he could no longer talk, he would have “no further purpose”.

Huxley wrote the foreword to The First and Last Freedom.