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Increase of the amylose concentration in the alkali solution was possible.

Pure amylose separated from common starch by careful fractionation contains over 90 71 L- amylose and orm preferable as a material for the formation of films. Common corn starch and starch from root or tuber.

The yield of S-amylose was 75 The solution was filtered with warm glass fibre filter. After converting orm starch suspension into amylose with the employment of a-l. I’ve edited the Loadou.

The resultant was transferred into a reaction tank and incubation was carried out at 45 50C by stirring slowly.

EXAMPLE A l starch suspension prepared with amylomaize starch was dispersed and gelatinized by heating to C under stirring conditions for 20 minutes and was enzymatically treated similarly as in Example l-l. In this case the small amount of amylopectin of starch is hydrolyzed into amylose with D. A suitable plasticizer is added to the amylose.


Enzyme from Pseudomonas genes is most preferable for the production of amylose. Thou it may be a minor issue, but anyone noticed the main landing gears are not modeled correctly?

Warning Systems

Accordingly in films prepared with intact amylomaize starch. The film showed a slight increase of hygroscopicity and a quicker water swelling tendency.

Because enzymes that are produced by genera of Lactobacillus and Actinomycetes are generally heat resistant and can be used at 50 60C.

Yeah like I said, four degrees The film was solidified by submerging it in a coagulant solution ifm NaSO l3 7r H 50 for 10 minutes and washed in running water for 20 minutes. United States Patent Yoshida et a1.

Original MEAN WELL IRM-20-12 single output 1.8A 12V 20W encapsulated meanwell power supply IRM-20

The L-amylose content in o-L was about 90 Yr. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. The procedures were performed as outlined in Example l-l. Igm 1 2 3 Next Page 3 of 3. The results obtained by comparison tests on the properties of equilibrated films and those of amylomaize starch amylose content 60 7 films formed by a similar method are shown in Table 1.


The mixture was treated by the same method as that of Example This is how they are flying with the assymetrical load. After holding for l 2 hours.

Warning Systems

Any of the previously known methods are applicable for the formation of films: The films have excellent gas permeability and oil resistance which are equal to those of commercial amylomaize starch films. The mixture of both products had a purity of 73 7. As regards to film forming properties.

The fact that the mechanical strength decreases with the increase of S-amylose content is inevitable. This amylose has a low film forming property and is difficult to form into film unless utilizing other methods. The obtained amylose are applicable as film material. Already have an account?