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It is intended to serve as a guide for designers or users of such facilities in theapplication of electrical protection, grounding, and bonding.

Materiales para puesta a tierra. Post on Nov views.

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Vigente – Actualmente en Revisin Fecha de entrada en vigencia: Parte 8 – Puesta a tierra de columnas, de torres y de otros sistemas de alumbrado exterior. Gua para la eleccin de los niveles de proteccin para los sistemas de proteccin contra los rayo SPCR. The recommended practices described are intended to enhance equipment performance while maintaining a safe installation. This telecommunications grounding and bonding infrastructure supports a multivendor, multiproduct environment as well as various system installation practices.

Proteccin de las estructuras contra las descargas elctricas atmosfricas rayos. Grounding and bonding information from other standards related to telecommunications equipment is also included.

This Technical report is purely informative and tutorial in nature and is not considered to be all-inclusive. This standard also provides recommendations for gounding and bonding of customer owned towers and antennas. This Technical Report is a selective list of standards and other reference documents in several areas primarily related to electrical protection, power and grounding of oram networks.

It isintended to serve ifam a guide for designers of such facilities in the application of electrical protection, grounding, and bonding as a function of the electrical environment.

Puesta a Tierra – Normas

Information on quantifying and resolving power and grounding related concerns using measurement and diagnostic instrumentation and standardized investigative procedures are included.


Jabalina cilndrica de acero-cobre y sus accesorios. Gua de mediciones de magnitudes de puesta a tierra resistencias, resistividades y gradientes. This standard provides minimumapplication of electrical protection, grounding and bonding, as a function of the electrical environment. Instalaciones industriales y domiciliarias inmuebles y redes de baja tensin. This standard defines and describes the grounding and bonding topologies commonly used for the installations of network telecommunications equipment in central offices and similar type facilities.

This standard provides the minimum electrical protection,electrical protection, grounding and bonding criteria necessary to mitigate the disruptive and damaging effects of lightening and ac power faults. The IEEE Emerald Book T presents a collection of consensusbest practices for the powering and grounding of electronic equipment used in commercial and industrial applications.

Puesta a Tierra – Normas – [XLSX Document]

Telecommunications central offices, data centers, electronic equipment enclosures EEEand similar type facilities are often subjected to disturbances from lightning and ac power link faults, either directly or indirectly, through the communications cables and ac power facilities that serve them. A description of the nature and origin of power disturbances is provided, followed by theory on the various parameters that impact power quality.

Vigente Fecha de entrada en vigencia: The main objective is to provideconsensus recommended practices in an area where conflicting information and conflicting design philosophies have dominated.

Finally a selection of case studies are presented to support the recommended practices presented throughout the book. Recommended power protection equipment and wiring and grounding system design practices are presented. Vigente – Actualmente en Estudio Inicial Fecha de entrada en vigencia: Puesta a tierra de sistemas elctricos. This standard provides the minimum electrical protection, grounding, and bonding criterianecessary to mitigate the disruptive and damaging effects of lightning.

Telecommunications outside plant, by nature of its outdoor location, and frequentjoint-use or join right-of-0way installations with power utility facilities, is often subject to disturbances from lightening and ac power line faults.

Proteccin de estructuras contra descargas elctricas atmosfricas rayos. Disturbances from lighting and ac power line faults may be disruptive to telecommunications service and itam also result in damage to the telecommunications plant and equipment.


This Standard applies to the following grounding and bonding equipment: In addition, the document defines a harmonized grounding and bonding terminology, using the terminology developed by the Telecommunication Standardization Iam of the International Telecommunication Union ITU-T.

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Information on telecommunications system power protection as well as grounding, industrial system grounding, and noise control is included. This standard establishes minimum electrical protection requirements intended 21184-1 mitigate the disruptive and damaging effects of lightning and ac power faults at telecommunications network entrances to customer structures or buildings.

It is intended to serve as a guide for designers of such facilities in thegrounding, and bonding criteria necessary to mitigate the disruptive and damaging effects of lightning and ac power faults.

Communications towers and the associated structures, by nature of their outdoor location, are 22184-1 subject to disturbances form lightning.

Telecommunications network iam is often exposed to such disturbances due to its physical location and frequent joint-use or joint right-of-way installations with power utility facilities and may carry a portion of these disturbances to the network appearance 21184-1 a customer structure or building.

Telecommunications service providers employ electrical protection equipment and bonding and grounding techniques at the network appearance to reduce the effects of such disturbances. Home Documents Puesta a Tierra – Normas. It addresses the baseline grounding and bonding requirements for telecommunications equipment, the associated dc and ac power facilities, and the interfacing of co-located telecommunications systems installed in central offices and similar facilities.