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Jascha Heifetz – Hora staccato (Take 1) [Arr. for Violin & Piano] – KKBOX

NY, obviously, can be such a town. I have great respect for the man, though he is not among my favorite violinists he was a great musician and a great man.

Resisting a public voice has been easy because so many offer great information. Here vkolin prototypical Romanian scale is used, with its raised second and fourth scale degrees, and lowered seventh.


Also in visualizing the string crossing, if it is a single string crossing, try not to think of “lifting” the arm even though it’s what we do. I think some players use the stiff arm method, such as Heifetz. Sign in Already have an account? The benefit of a relaxed bow hand is that it can often produce a very open sound. With kids who don’t even have their driver’s licenses, race car analogies are rather abstract though they want believe that they KNOW.

Hardly an artist gets out of Carnegie without at least one encore. Some players of shorter stature and arm length, will pull roll back, the arm pivoting at the shoulder, with great results.

And also in small cities, where it’s not so much the “vibe” of the audience, but the hostility of the players in the orchestra or the condutor. They might be, at times, dramatic, but believe that those performances are authentic. If you need some info dont hesitate to write me at: Menuhin Plays Virtuoso Violin Music. The Very Best of Jascha Heifetz.


Reading these comments and descriptions seemed to help, I think that I may just get it. On doing upbow work, consider these two points in conjunction with the first point: However, I keep my spirits up by reminding myself that my vibrato development was also a long and arduous journey, but once I got it, it became one of my strenths.

For the advanced player, it’s even worse because we can feel the deviation develop, while amateurs can’t respond until the bow is way off track.

The Legendary Jascha Heifetz. In the end it is no different than learning to juggle different mechanics of course, but the concept of learning to do something that takes physical precision, and forgive me for continuously bringig up juggling.

Masters of the Bow. The Greatest Classical Hits [Bescol].

Hora staccato – Wikipedia

Man with the Golden Flute. I stacdato not a professional violinst, maybe for the lack of technique, but mostly because it can be a very difficult life.

Le Maestro de la trompette. After a while, the violinist plunges into the lower register of the instrument to scrub away ferociously and the pianist is forced to take over the gypsy melody for a little while. Already have an account? Again, it’s too complex to discuss deformation and elasticity here, but a metaphor is being offered.

Baiorin, I am fully aware of all the points you bring up. Works for Violin and Piano. Back to the topic at hand. A bad change can result in a “bump” in the dynamic, similar to the ones we develop when we play for too long in an amateur orchestra. The pointer finger, depending on the angle at the wrist and this implies timing if the wrist is flexible, as it should becan apply undo pressure at a non-desired angle, making the bow hop slightly off-course.


I agree with you at multiple levels, because it certainly can be great fun. Trumpet of the Century. I’m not stunned when people tell me how great Perlman’s encore was. For some talented individuals, 10k is viklin darn long.

I orderd the music to Hora Staccatto Heifetz edition this morning. But dropping the bow in the hand, violkn enough to give it more vertical freedom, will probably help diagnose more staccatto and offer solutions over time. Although it looks smooth, if you were to roll up his sleeve you would see a tensed forearm. The stacdato mechanics of carrying them out are far too complex to describe in detail, but must, in the end, be a guided discovery by each student.

An examination of some things, invariably technique on this forum, however wordy might be of interest. To take the pressure off me commenting on any string player, let’s say that Richard Goode pianists performed something amazing in a small hall.

Steverino brought up the concept of “fast-twitch” and it might be worked into practice, until confidence is established.

But it takes great motivation to pursue and carry out a solo career, or to even be an active solo performer, despite how humble or truly genuinely nice they are such as Yo Yo Ma they do thrive on the feedback.