Heliodorus of Emesa is known for the ancient Greek novel or romance called the Aethiopica (Greek: Αἰθιοπικά) (the Ethiopian Story) or sometimes “Theagenes. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Ethiopian Story by (), Rowland Smith (), and Moses Hadas (as An Ethipian Romance, ) Heliodorus’ Ethiopian Story is among the few surviving novels written in . The Romance novel didn’t begin with Kathleen Woodiwiss or even with the Bronte sisters. By the time Heliodorus wrote his Aethiopica—or Ethiopian.

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Heliodorus of Emesa

What I didn’t like so much was that there was too much crying and despair. I was highly amused by the way people heilodorus things. There wasn’t even clever wordplay as a redeeming value. An Ethiopian Romance Heliodorus of Emesa. Chariclea is kidnapped because of her beauty and carried off around the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Chariclea, daughter of Ethiopian Royalty and Theagenes. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Heliodorrus thing that makes it really interesting and fun is that it’s a hrliodorus of stories within stories within stories.

He gives us lovers, pirates, nobles, eunuchs, witches, priests, and schemers, among others. This was not a very satisfactory experience at all, and as as a matter of fact, gets a full star only because if I leave the star off, one might think I forgot to apply a rating.

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Heliodorus: An Ethiopian Romance by Emesa Heliodorus | LibraryThing

Share your thoughts with other customers. Jan 07, Benjy rated it liked it Shelves: This actually made the plot a little confusing at times, at least for me, but overall I appreciated the structure, which had the benefit of making the book much more interesting.

The Aethiopica of Heliodorus and the Historia Augusta. Pain had hepiodorus his eyes, but the sight of the maiden drew them toward her. It is simply a beautiful work and deserves to be read by more people. And wow were the ancient Greeks arrogant. The “Ethiopian Romance” is presented in accessible and lively English by Moses Hadas, and comes to you highly recommended.


Search the full text of this book: I read it for a college class, ethiopain even if I weren’t in a class and found this book it would have been nice to read, this coming from someone that reads all over the place anyways, but is the least likely to read classical stories.

Aithiopika feels very Shakespearean, in fact. Really funny 3rd century CE novel with excesses of trickery, pirates, looting, faithfulness, adventure, and fighting, and, of course, a happy ending. Dec 09, Martin rated it did not like it. It all ends with Ethiopians setting aside human sacrifice in the interest of love and fidelity.

Write a customer review. Snippet view – Written around the third century AD, it was probably composed a bit later than the other works in its group.

In a novel where various marriages are proposed and deferred, it helildorus appropriate that the internal stories and their audiences should express the need to hear stories in terms of desire and gratification.

The story unfolds with all the twists and devices any writer would employ today, with the added attractions of dreams, oracles, and exotic locales in the ancient Mediterranean and Africa.

LawrenceMarie Antoinette. But it’s not just her: Chariclea’s life seems particularly complicated, did find it fun to ethiopain how the author was going to solve each problem. English Choose a language for shopping. Might not be funny to everyone, but the number of times misfortune was rationally explained and then hekiodorus a tacked on “well, it could be an irritated god As a minor addendum, regarding the version edited by J.


The novel begins with a remarkable scene, a thriller-opening that wasn’t equaled until many centuries later, as a group of brigands come across a moored merchant ship. References to this work on external resources. The Aethiopica is one of five complete novels to survive from Greek antiquity.

Buy the selected items together This item: This is from the 3rd century though some dispute for my personal century challenge. The novel draws heavily on the universal human tendency to tell, and eagerness to hear stories. The man was disfigured with wounds, but seemed to rouse himself a little as from a deep sleep, almost of death itself.

An Ethiopian Romance by Heliodorus of Emesa

I found only half of the story in an easy to read modern form of English. About Heliodorus of Emesa. The man was disfigured with wounds, but seemed to rouse himself a little as from a deep sleep, almost of death itself.

The main characters ultimately meet at Meroe at the very moment when Chariclea ethikpian about to be sacrificed to the gods by her own father. She was adopted by a priest, served in Aphrodite’s temple neliodorus eventually fell in love with Theagenes. The Abbey Classics ethopian The plot begins at what seems to be halfway through the progression of events, and much of the story is told as tales by other characters stories within the stories.

Descriptions are evocative but to the point, even regarding battlefield-scenes: Would make a good B-movie. But then, for the significant majority of the story, mainly when Kalasiris was involved, the story had some excellent moments and interesting turns.