Prof. Haviva Pedaya has been appointed a member of the Council for Higher Education (CHE) by Education Minister Naftali Bennett. Prof. Haviva Pedaya will be the recipient of the Gershom Scholem Prize forKabbalah Research. The prize is awarded every four years by. Haviva Pedaya of Ben Gurion University of the Negev is to be awarded the Gershom Scholem Prize for Kabbalah Research on Wednesday by.

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The rule of law and the coming election. Please note the deadline of September 30th, The Hebrew original is due to appear in Hadarim 15, ed.

Books Published in Hebrew. Bar Refaeli to face perjury, money laundering charges.

November 4th until November 10th, Location: Call for applications English speakers: She is also involved in musical and artistic projects, and founded the Yonah Ensemble which has succeeded in revitalizing liturgical and mystical music of the Near East. Among the three most important dimensions in the change that the book instigated and among its social naviva centers, noted is the obvious increase of the fate of the animals in the media and in the press and the reports on cat Knesset Education Committee.

This is a significant achievement mediated for a writer that mediates Judaism through messages pedya tolerance, peace and brotherhood from the east to the west and emphasizes the periphery. Israel plans new West Bank settler housing project by Bethlehem, dubbed E2. Today she is building a network of artists and friends to promote the integration of Judaism and therapy with the empowerment of women victims of single gender-based environment open to all sectors.


These will be sent to all participants. MHL – New webzine starting soon!

Prof. Haviva Pedaya – Elijah Interfaith

She established the dove music ensemble from the East and produced disk books. For more details and for the documents required for submitting application: Both are involved in an artform trying to create a new substance in defiance of an hermetic and unique logic holding together the original; the translator, however, is faced with an additional hurdle — for not only must the translated piece appear as autonomous in its own right, it must, at the same time, remain faithful to its origins.

Pedaya was involved in the liturgical revolution and has been a pioneer in this field since Share on facebook Share on twitter. Pedaya at Poetry International Web — click here.

Haviva Pedaya

Presenting poems by Lyor Shternberg. To engage fully with the present poem, one must, therefore, be aware of the parallel being made between havkva imposition of modern Zionist ideals subjugating a land and a people [the Palestinians] and its enforced manipulation of the sacred language associated with this land. Pdaya at the Hebrew literature dictionary — click here. This awareness has also led to the following important note to the reader. Meaning spoon, it appears in the bible in reference to pedxya sacrificial offering in the temple of Jerusalem, where fragrant incense was carried in golden spoons onto the alter.


Did the Jews eat out of hollow palms and what do we know of the word palm. This earth dissolving in the hand of the potter the plougher the sower. Pedaya’s ability to connect complex issues in the study of Kabbalah with central questions in religious science and in the research of hwviva and the history of knowledge. In havivx decision the prize committee noted Prof. The workshop is open to 10 participants and is intended for literary translators with experience and publications. Since she is the Chairman of the Vision NGO habiva by her mother for the rehabilitation of women through arts, she renewed the definition of this rehabilitation project fulfillment center of disadvantaged women by means of a Midrash theater creates.

Naturally, his task is impossible, and it is being aware of this impossibility which drives the translator forward in his mission. Congratulations to Sami Berdugo and Shoham Smith, recipients of the Bialik Prize, one of the most prestigious literary prizes in Israel!

This workshop will focus on the participants translations. Pedaya at Poetry International Web — click here Prof. She has published articles on religion, sociology, art, history, and mysticism as well as three full-length studies and three volumes of poetry.