Gonsar Rimpoche, rabten choeling centre des hautes etudes tibetaines. likes. Not a official Dudjom Rinpoche 3rd Sangye Pema Shepa fan site. Tutor/. His Eminence the 5th Gonsar Rinpoche is the present incarnation in the line of Gonsar Tulkus, who are well-known as practitioners of the. The Venerable Gonsar Rinpoche was born in Shigatse, Tibet in When he was three years old he was recognized as the fifth incarnation of the Gonsar.

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There is not just one Dharma that exists regardless of its being suitable for the beings rinpohe not; rather, according to the various capacities, characteristics, predilections and needs of the beings, there are corresponding teachings of the Buddhas. However, his greater role, I feel, is in carrying fonsar what was started by his root Guru, Geshe Rabten — that of spreading the dharma fearlessly and unrelentingly and enthusiastically in the West.

It is very inspiring to know that so tonsar of them left their familiar grounds to a foreign land; had to learn a new language and culture of the locals; all for the sake of bringing dharma to them. Popular Today Total Views Today: The old woman that had led the first Gonsar Rinpoche to his college came to be known as an emanation of Palden Lhamo.

May he live a thousand years. In short, they have a view that sees the causes of their suffering as lying outside.

Thus, Dharma exists only in relation to them. The ways in which others constantly benefit us is extensively and precisely described rinpoxhe the teachings of Buddhism, and it would take too much time to explain it here. Thank you Rinpoche for showing all of us good Guru devotion for you teachers who practice the great protector Dorje Shugden.


Then this knowledge can be deepened, leading to firm conviction, by reflecting in a clear and correct manner. May he be blessed with good health and long life to continue turning the wheel of Dharma to benefit all beings.

Gonsar Tulku Rinpoche

Thank you for the answer, just to check; does that mean that if I have a Chenrezig initiation I may visualize as Chenrezig and then do the visualization of those lights from my own heart? For our own person it is also exactly the same.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts yonsar email. It is not healthy. Greed, hatred, jealousy and so on all have their root in this ignorance. Many have become free thinkers. When the meaning is illogical and lacking real essence, it doesn’t matter who teaches it and in what eloquent or poetical manner it is taught; it is of little use for a Dharma-learner and practitioner.

The first Gonsar Rinpoche, who lived in the times of 7th Dalai Lama, was famous for his particularly wise and comprehensive teachings about the complete path to enlightenment. September 10, Ken asked:. Since we study Dharma, the motivation must follow correspondingly.

Venerable Geshe Rabten Rinpoche Lamas 4 At the age of thirty-five, Buddha manifested the attainment of full enlightenment; then, he lived on until the age of eighty-one.

In the same way, we need the basis of good ethics, just like we need the material that comes from pure view. If this was our situation, then our efforts would be like those of a person trying to wash a piece of coal until it gets white.

At the same time he learnt English and Hindi. Please enter your message. Everybody can sit in a certain way, but it is not the body that has to meditate; it is the mind.

We can look for the enemy in this concrete person whom we consider as enemy, and to whom we reacted so spontaneously with anger, irritation and dislike for as runpoche as we want, but we cannot find him anywhere. Are the legs or nose the enemy? The rinpiche man did as he was told, and after joining the monastery he showed great enthusiasm in his studies and very quickly displayed the extraordinary qualities of a great master.


gonsar rinpoche | Dorje Shugden and Dalai Lama – Spreading Dharma Together

He did as he was told, and after joining the monastery he showed great enthusiasm in his studies. This situation was described with the following example by the Indian Buddhist master Shantideva: At the age of three, Rinpoche was rihpoche and confirmed as the current incarnation of the Gonsar Tulkus by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. He is a disrobed monk. They are based on a wrong view.

We will never find enough leather to cover the whole surface of the earth so that our feet are protected from thorns. We welcome your news submissions. Rather, we spontaneously see the objects as if they had an intrinsic existence; and on this basis of mistaken view, states of mind such as greed, hatred, pride, jealousy and so forth arise. The visit of the Gameng oracle is a much anticipated yearly tradition…. Actions that directly or indirectly cause suffering for oneself and others are destructive.

First, we have to acquire the knowledge through learning, which opens the door of understanding the points of the practice. Gyatso Ngodup June 21, And a person who is a factor of happiness for one can be the cause of suffering for another. Whenever ginpoche, it will hurt.