Let Fonzi take over from here, from an article he wrote for Gold Coast in The Last Investigation. By Gaeton Fonzi. The title of my book, “The Last. Gaeton Fonzi’s masterful retelling of his work investigating the Kennedy assassination for two Congressional committees is required reading for students of the. Fonzi, an investigative journalist who acted as an investigator for the House The Last Investigation: Gaeton Fonzi, Former Federal Investigator Breaks His Oath.

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Phillips said he had signed off on it. And that was that. When that compilation was completed, it totaled more than pages.

The Last Investigation” by Gaeton Fonzi – KiYQ

Oswald in Mexico City. On November 22nd,Faraldo was in the hospital recovering from a mild heart attack. And as the author further notes, Warren Commission attorneys David Slawson and William Coleman both said that they had heard tapes of a man who was supposed to be Oswald while they were in Mexico City investigating Oswald’s activities there.

Consider what has happened since the Kennedy assassination. Fernandez also told Luce his group had gateon of Oswald and copies of the handbills Oswald had distributed on the streets of New Orleans. Phillips27 Nov Later, under oath, he would claim that was the name on it when he fonzl it.

Since they are all at least thirteen years old, I will not review them at length or in depth. I understand now that not only did the Warren Commission lie but they suppressed evidence.

Sturgis kept the act up for about five minutes, pounding his forehead and taking shots at different names. He knew the city gafton, its politicians, its leading citizens, its characters. I once asked Andrew if he had ever worked for the CIA. The apartment had been rented by the mother-in-law of the principal plotter, Antonio Veciana.


Kennedys And King – Gaeton Fonzi, The Last Investigation

It was an inevitable failure. Besides, why would he be lying? We were both very young and yet we had so much responsibility, with so many brothers and sisters and our mother and father in prison, we were so afraid and not knowing what was happening. The Kindle version of this book needs a lot of editing, including missing punctuation and strange hyphenation. One of the most memorable parts of the book is Salandria’s warning to Fonzi before he goes to Washington.

The point is that the Committee report does not actually state that Organized Crime was involved in the conspiracy to kill President Kennedy.

In it, he quotes Sturgis as saying: It took delight, for instance, in getting a German manufacturer to produce a shipment of off-center ball bearings for a Cuban factory. Faraldo pointed out where the boxes should have been on a tge suspended between the ceiling and the air conditioning ducts.

Ana would later write: They take different skills. I discovered that Aerovia Q stopped its regular flights to Key West late inbut Faraldo said it would have been possible for the airline to fly into Key West as late as merely by filing a flight plan with the FAA. I recall one evening chatting with him on the telephone. He did and found nothing.

Gaeton Fonzi

The Last Investigation is a compelling post mortem on the House Select Committee on Assassinations, as well as a riveting account of Fon Gaeton Fonzi’s masterful retelling of his work investigating the Kennedy assassination for two Congressional committees is required reading for students of the assassination and the subsequent failure of the government to solve the crime.


Around the abbreviated front yard was a low chain-link fence with a latch gate. Describes the appearance of three men, including a “Leon Oswald,” at the apartment of Cuban exile Silvia Odio in Dallas in late September We got it all to the FBI. She was working as a legal assistant in the law department of a large firm, but she had remained home that morning so we could talker husband, Mauricio, a handsome chap involved a in Spanish-language publishing, had also remained home until he saw his wife was comfortable.

He was visited by syndicated Washington columnist Vera Glaser who told him she had just interviewed Clare Boothe Luce and that Luce had given her some information relating to the assassination. What I found especially fascinating was how, as soon as word of what I was doing spread, offers of help and sources of information began pouring down on me.

That’s the legislative world. Almost every report indicates that a brief investigation proved the claim groundless. Another muffled conversation with his mother. Schweiker also realized that the sheer bulk of material that had built up over the years on the Kennedy gaetn was awesome, yet no Committee staffer had any background knowledge of it.

Helen came out from the house and handed me a martini, a large one. And the meeting dealt with plotting the assassination of John F.