Type, API. License · X Consortium. Website, FreeGLUT is an open-source alternative to the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) library. These kept the API (all gluts functions are usually implemented exactly with the Two of the most common GLUT replacements are OpenGLUT and freeGLUT. It looks to me that Ubuntu has provided everything that the original web site http:// has provided. The api documentation.

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The glutCloseFunc function specifies the function that freeglut will freegout to notify the application that a window is about to be freeglut, either because it is requested using glutDestroyWindowbecause the user clicked feeeglut the “x” in the window header for top-level windows onlyor due to a pending closure of a subwindow’s parent window.

Releasing the Delete key causes this function to be invoked with a value of for key. To draw shapes with shaders OpenGL 2 and laterone need to upload vertices and associated normal vectors and texture coordinates to vertex attributes of your shaders.

These kept the API all gluts functions are usually implemented exactly with the same name but improved and extended it to address the above mentioned issues.

The glutWireTeapot and glutSolidTeapot functions draw a wireframe and solid teapot respectively, the glutWireTeacup and glutSolidTeacup functions a wireframe and solid teacup, and the glutWireTeaspoon and glutSolidTeaspoon functions a wireframe and solid teaspoon.

GLUT considers freegput window visible if any pixel of the window is visible or any pixel of any descendant window is visible on the screen. Freeglut calls the special key release callback when the user releases a special key. Function to leave fullscreen window mode, glutLeaveFullScreenor to toggle between fullscreen and normal window mode, glutFullScreenTogglehave been added. The wire cone is rendered with triangular elements.

The freeglut Project :: About

Lastly, to support drawing these objects with shaders, three functions have been added with which users can provide the addresses of the Coordinate, Normal and Texture Coordinate vertex attribs: New functions have been added to render full character strings including carriage returns rather than rendering one character at a time.

The glutSpecialUpFunc function sets the window’s special key release callback. The glutStrokeWidth function returns the width in model units of a single character in the specified stroke font, rounded to an int.


It may leave only the inner nested loop or it may leave both loops. In the first case, the closure callback is not invoked from the glutDestroyWindow call, but at a later time point.

The glutStrokeLength function returns the width in model units of a string of characters in the specified stroke font, rounded to an int. The application programmer should note that, unlike the other freeglut font functions, this one returns a floating-point number.

FreeGLUT – Wikipedia

A warning is issued and the request is ignored if the supplied font is a stroke font, or freglut unknown font. The torus is circularly symmetric about the Z-axis and starts at the positive X-axis. If there isn’t a one stop shop, then please list the set of references I should use and what the strengths of each one is. If the string contains one or more carriage returns, freeglut calculates the widths in pixels of the lines separately and returns the largest width.

The glutIdleFunc function sets the global idle callback.

The callback function has one argument: GLUT was conceived freglut Mark Kilgard with the goal of providing a simple, yet powerful enough, toolkit to deal with the intricacies of the windowing system when building OpenGL applications.

The glutTabletMotionFunc function is not implemented in freeglutalthough the library does “answer the mail” to the extent that a call to the function will not produce an error.

The position frewglut measured in pixels from the upper left hand corner of the screen, with “x” increasing to the right and “y” increasing towards the bottom of the screen.

The rendering position in freeglut is apparently off from GLUT’s position by a few pixels vertically and one or two pixels horizontally. Because they are rendered as bitmaps, the bitmap fonts tend to render more quickly than stroke fonts, but they are less flexible in terms of scaling and rendering.

The glutShowOverlay and glutHideOverlay functions are not implemented in freeglut. Freeglut calls the idle callback when there are no inputs from the user. Furthermore, freeglut seems to loose the window settings when returning from the GameMode. It will call any application callback functions as required to process mouse clicks, mouse motion, key presses, and so qpi. Thus the return value may differ from the sum of the character widths returned freevlut a series of calls to glutStrokeWidth.


In my tests freeglut continued to process the events that were already queued so performing any cleanup before actually getting out of the event loop could crash the application. Spaceball is a registered trademark of Spatial Systems Inc. The glutStrokeHeight function returns the height of a character in the specified stroke font. The glutSpecialFunc function sets freegout window’s special key press callback.

Another difficulty with GLUT, especially with multiple-window programs, is that if the user clicks on the “x” in the window header the application exits immediately.

Although multisampling is not the most sophisticated anti-aliasing method it does visually enhance your renderings with virtually no cost regarding implementation. When FreeGLUT calls this callback, it provides the new position on the screen of the top-left of the non-client areathat is, the same coordinates used by glutInitPosition and glutPositionWindow. The glutStrokeString function handles carriage returns. Libs that work great with OpenGL. See here for an overview of the major points ali our todo list.

The glutInitWindowPosition and glutInitWindowSize functions specify a desired position and size for windows that freeglut will create in the future. The size is measured in pixels.


Freeglut does not allow overlays, although it does “answer the mail” with function stubs so that GLUT-based programs can compile and link against freeglut without modification. Use these functions to set the indices addresses of the vertex attributes in your currently active shaders before calling the above geometry functions, and FreeGLUT will upload the object geometry there.

The north and south poles of the sphere are on the positive and negative Z-axes respectively and the prime meridian crosses the positive X-axis. The glutMainLoopEvent function causes freeglut to process one iteration’s worth of events in its event loop. Libs that work great with OpenGL Next: The function returns no value.