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If you need an entertainer, please call: I’m absolutely certain one will – the sooner the better.

Furao Catlogo Kennametal – [PDF Document]

Current owner NewCity Communications has filed a proposal to modify WYAI’s signal so its contour misses a small corner of Atlanta – Cox’s purchase is contingent on a grant of that technical change. Reed and Tucker have some love scenes in the clip Norman Anglin, trustee for the bankruptcy estate of. Spend all the money on TV you want, but you won’t get the fans of one to listen to another. A typical AOR scores lower in some college and college grad demographics than progressive stations.

However, he’s no longer with K04 either. The LP hits the streets September.

Furao Catlogo Kennametal

In fact, he said, “there are indications” that several Stern affiliates monitor and edit the show. John Scott Sherrill Pub: She replaces Joe Estrada. We’re also avoiding hard rock and militant rap,” explains PD Adam Cook. Iganf was honored by the Pennsylvania Senate and House of Representatives as an outstanding radio station for New artists have not yet had a UC Breaker.


We want to make sure everybody has heard them and still wants to hear them when we stop playing them. The Blue Bits The segments that prompted this latest round of fines include: Hot zips are those that report the most listening for your specific station or those with the biggest -rated zips for a primary competitor.

Interest -only payments are due for the first 8 months, with ffr0600 payment for the entire principal due the 9th month.


Then they’re played for a short period and retired. Money isn’t great but our team is! The sale was held up by an EEO complaint and a petition to deny against Spectacor.

After this information is considered, each medium can be analyzed in terms of the client’s needs. Given your emphasis on current events, are you concerned about the station’s role in the city’s race relations?

However, an MCHR administrative law judge found that Ebbert failed to prove a relationship between her dismissal and her work on behalf of Einstein. Four MDs share listening strategies 37 AC: Value -added features such as promotions, personality involvement, and local event sponsorships play a key role in today’s radio marketing plans.

But it got too AC, then it got too Urban, and it had no rat- ings.


The difference between warfare and business and warfare and real war is that in business you can live to fight another day. Once the word was out that a local businessman was going to be starting a new radio station, people came to me Here are 0 tips on defending your station from the competition; OMake listeners remember your call letters by placing a special sound behind the announcement of calls fogma frequency. Englishtown Music, Longitude Music Co.

The Yankees might be renewed – but cr0600 would have to be a lot cheaper. The NAB expressed satisfaction with the downward revisions but remains dissatisfied with the fact that the FCC implemented both the ‘9 and ’93 policies without seeking public comment. It’s very fine detail work and nitpicking. Jerry Salley, Jeff Stevens Pub: Fair pay and great benefits.

However, the word was used as early as to mean a “violent blow,” and Davy Crockett later adopted the term to mean “a rifle shot” and “a crushing retort. It’s a reactionary song because it stands out being so torma. Of course, cost is also a major consideration, but an analysis that includes all these factors helps define value in relation to specific spot charges.

We have our own weather service and a team of five fotma meteorologists.