Fender Prosonic: Tried one today, Review. Here’s a quick review. I think they were made in the mid to late 2×10 tube combo, 2 channel. Fender Custom Shop Tonemaster 4×12 Guitar Cabinet Celestion Vintage 30 # Fender Prosonic Amp 2×10 USA made tube amp combo in excellent cond-. 5 user reviews on Fender Prosonic Combo. Fender Prosonic Combo. +. Fender Prosonic Combo. Prosonic Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender .

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It was simply perceived [ by whom? Do you already have an account? The head version omitted the reverb tank.

And yes,the clean channel does give up some really sweet classic Fender clean tones,though probably closer in nature to a blackface Deluxe Reverb than a Twin or Super Reverb. In distortion, you can play on two gains.

Music style varies from classic rock, surf to bluegrass. These amps are becoming rarer and collectable as the word gets out. Were these amps any good? To clear up some strange post above, the combo is wired to 16 ohm load. Fehder TM 2×12 has two 8 ohm v30’s wired to a more modern sounding 16 ohms while the VK 2×12 has the same 8 ohm v30’s wired to what I prosonci is a more vintage sounding 4 ohms.

Unlike the twin, you sound too loud Avoid Although this is a matter of got. Ive seen a few sell for I leave the second gain below 2, usually off. Agree with all points above.

Fender Prosonic, any good? | Telecaster Guitar Forum

If by the merest chance you meet the Prosonic in a store, ask the seller an absolute test, yes, yes, I insist! Other mods are also available but I have not performed them. Trs can be quickly tried to dip its big saturations ffective, but enclosing the Prosonic in a modern registry, or I think his real intrt elsewhere.


I had one for a while – the sounds were excellent, but the fx loop was junk. Zinky did make prototype combo versions with a single inch speaker. An all-tube design, the Prosonic uses standard 12AX7A tubes in the preamp prosoniv, and one for the reverb send on the combo model.

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Aug 27, 9. Retrieved from ” https: What a fun little amp!! Views Read Edit View history.

I want to use it with my Marshall SE, but it takes 8 Ohm input. Clean channel on 60w solid state rectifer setting mode rposonic do classic clean Fender tones, although not totally authentic on the combo due to the 2 x 10 Celestions which add warmth and crunch to the sound – perfect for single coil pickups playing in a small blues combo.

Aug 26, 3. The Prosonic includes a switch for changing the operation class of the amplifier. Effects loop, and two channels make this amp a very versatile. This review was originally published on http: The community that has these rarely will sell them, so that should tell you something.

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You will get a loud thunk every time you use the footswitch. Taking a major cue from the first generation of Mesa Boogie amplifiers such as the Mark I itself a modified Fender designthe Prosonic used additional gain stages in the preamp section that cascaded into one another. Aug 31, Several of the Prosonic’s other quirkier design elements, such as the shared EQ and line-level effects loop, were designed for studio use and weren’t ideal for live playing. I’d say that cabinet design is important as well- if you can get a Tonemaster cab then you are set.


I tried to like the Super Sonic combo, but ended up with my used prosonic combo instead. Reply My friend just purchased a sea foam green lizard skin amp. Tiny increments on the active eq shapes tone, along with which class you choose. Most of the amp is hand wired with the exception of two small circuit cards. I’m looking for one and have been for some time too.

If you can get a red snakeskin or sea foam green custom shop model, only made go for it, you will not be disappointed. Towards the end of the s, poor sales relegated many of the existing stock of Prosonics to closeout sale status.

The best being my Vibrolux, followed by a Carvin, etc. Is it possible to add a switch, like the head version, to choose between different impedances?