orbita, globo ocular, la conjuntiva capsula de tenon paredes orbitarias: superior ( techo): formada por el hueso frontal en su profundidad el ala menos del. Non-contrast CT is useful in the initial evaluation of orbital and globe trauma for the assessment of fractures, extra-ocular muscle herniation and. Aug 30, · “El torero Juan José Padilla sufre estallamiento de glóbulo ocular por cornada” EfektoTV Deportes: – Duration: Efekto Televisión 1,,

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The outermost fibrous coat constitutes the sclera and cornea. Hypointense-can be highlighted by an overlying T1W hyperintense tear film.

Lens black arrow and sclera white arrow show hypointense signal on all sequences. Dedicated orbital MRI study for gradual left visual loss.

Globe Anatomy The globe occupies one third of the orbital volume, with the vitreous humour representing two-thirds of the volume of the globe 2. The cornea is a key component of the refractive system and measures 0.

Abnormalities of the globe. Majority of eye globe imaging is performed secondary to CT and MRI imaging of the brain for various reasons ranging from trauma to neoplasia. Anotated illustration of globe for comparison with MRI anatomy. Patient was not available for follow-up.


Thickening and enhancement of left retina, posterior choroid and optic disc are observed, suggestive of posterior uveitis, which estllamiento be associated with inflammatory conditions such as sarcoidosis or infections such as toxoplasma or cytomegalovirus. Medial lesion shows contrast enhancement. Other globe shape abnormalities include colobomas congenital defects in the layers of the globe including the optic disc and phthisis bulbi representing an end-stage atrophic globe Figs.

Buckling and defect in superior sclera Bwhite arrow with loss of globe volume is consistent with globe rupture. CT is also useful for evaluation of globe calcifications, especially in estaklamiento case of retinoblastoma 1. Scleral bands would appear more linear, as compared to punctate calcifications observed. Find articles by Lilian Hui Li Koh.

Eye Globe Abnormalities on MR and CT in Adults: An Anatomical Approach

Anteriorly, choroidal detachments commonly extend into the ciliary body, whereas, retinal detachments are limited by the ora serrata. Episcleritis is typically a self-limiting idiopathic disorder; whereas, scleritis is a more serious condition associated with connective tissue diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Histology following resection of cerebellar lesion confirmed diagnosis of hemangioblastoma. Gradual visual loss is the most common clinical finding. Sustained intraocular pressure in childhood can lead to diffuse enlargement of the globe buphthalmos ; where as in adults, the more rigid sclera results in focal protrusions staphylomasespecially in myopia Fig.


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Neuroimaging Clin N Am. Right-sided lens prosthesis is noted. Scleral band for treatment of retinal detachment is seen on right black arrows. Bilateral focal protrusions through thinned sclera posteriorly are consistent with posterior staphylomas white arrows.

Journal List Korean J Radiol v. Find articles by Kong Yong Goh. The differential diagnosis can be made easier and refined by categorising the abnormalities according to the layers and the compartments of the globe. Rhegmatogenous detachments are commonly secondary to vitreous degeneration and traction on the retina.

Traumatismo ocular – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Find articles by Wai-Yung Yu. Amelanotic tumors have a similar appearance to other neoplasms on MRI. Anatomy and pathology of the eye: On MRI, the cornea is a low signal intensity structure due to collagen but may be highlighted by an overlying slightly hyperintense tear film on T1W images.

Esstallamiento calcifications represent normal part of aging.

Likewise, enhancing lesion suggestive of neoplastic cause is absent.