Für magische Momente – Pollux, der kompakte Strahler für den vielseitigen Einsatz. LED projector spotlight. Integrated electronic control gear, switchable. Optical system with lens for the projection of hard-edged beams or contour. The Pollux product range solves a diversity of lighting tasks running the gamut from accentuation through to light effects produced by gobos.

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For uniform vertical illuminance, the distance a of Pollux lens wallwashers from the wall should be around one third of the room height ecro. Public — light for outdoor facilities, bridges and memorials. Churrascaria Ambiente Brasileiro, Prague. Culture — light for museums and galleries. We recommend that you udate your browser to a more recent version.

Pollux by ERCO

Contour spotlight Framing attachments enable sharp-edged projections to produce fascinating effects such as a crisp focused beam illuminating images that appear to be self-illuminating. Do not show this again.


You have collected articles in your watchlist. This seems too large for cabinet fixing and would seem to limit the applications to ceiling mounted projects.


Light Board Luminaires for track. Please see our Data Privacy Policy for more information on cookies. Vertical illuminance for brightening and dividing the space. You can gladly send us your quotation request per E-Mail or place it here.

Indoor – Luminaires for track – Pollux

Lighting technology Luminaire arrangement. As a special highlight, Pollux also includes contour spotlights with LED. Download Pollux product brochure.

Optec Luminaires for track.

Track and light structures. Logotec Luminaires for track.

ERCO uses cookies to help us give you the best experience when you visit. Direct message to us. Very wide rotationally symmetrical or axially symmetrical light distribution for floodlighting. Permalink Trackbacks 0 Email Print this. Spotlights with framing attachments enable freely settable, crisp-edged light beams.

When first introduced, it was ground-breaking as few other lighting companies had developed such a complex yet miniature luminaire with so many light control accessories for 50 watt halogen lamps. I was not given a sample of this version to review but from the photographs it looks very neat with the same careful attention to detail as the standard spotlights. With high lumen packages, the luminaires produce strong brightness contrasts in exhibitions.


Which article are you interested in? These include, for example: Career Summary Junior Recruitment Situations vacant. The Harp Bar music venue, Belfast. The projection area can be adjusted individually to any picture size with an intuitive framing attachment — a valuable feature especially for changing exhibits. Further Luminaires for track. We have summarised our broad planning and design expertise in architectural lighting for you.

Further Luminaires for track. Light Board Luminaires for track. These include, for example:.