Embedded Image Processing on the TMSCTM DSP: Examples in Code Composer StudioTM and MATLAB [Shehrzad Qureshi] on The TMSC Line of DSPs (Image Processing). Even though this topic has a narrow focus, it calls for a wide array of tools, some hardware (DSP. Written for practicing signal and image processing engineers, this book discusses the implementation of advanced image processing algorithms on.

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In contrast to integrating libraries with applications built using Visual Studio, which very often involves “DLL hell,” arcane compilation strategies, and various other annoyances, the DSP software integration process is decidedly simpler.

High-pass filters attenuate low-frequency components, so regions in an image of constant brightness are mapped to zero and the fine details of an image emphasized. NET 30 2. Now suppose Qi and Q2 are still bit words but have peocessing Q formats, i.

This image’s first pixel is completely processimg, simulating the situation of a detector in an x-ray camera failing to collect charge. The n a r g o u t reserved word is a variable containing the number of output parameters used in the current invocation of a function. In particular, there are times when one needs to emmbedded the systems, or else CCStudio will not work correctly.

CCStudio will then complain that it cannot find certain entities referenced in the. Too much illumination however, will saturate the image, a condition where most of the pixel values will be clustered in the eembedded portion of the dynamic range and a loss of information occurs, due to clamping of gray- scale intensities.

NET applications in this book draw on three major libraries: Suppose as part of an embedded application, you had to implement […]. Nowadays of course, all Pentium-class processors come standard with the Intel math coprocessor, which in fact uses 80 bits l o n g d o u b l e to represent IEEE floating-point numbers.

Image transformation via gray-scale lookup table. The imaging device may take the form of a camera, where a photographic image is created when the objects in the scene are illuminated by a natural light source such as the sun, or an artificial light source, such as a flash. Because the kernel and image matrices are probably not of the same size, prior to applying the 2D FFT the smaller of the two is expanded through an operation known as zero-padding, where zeros are appended to the matrix see Figure b.


As exhibited here, the presence of just a few outlier pixels dramatically reduces the overall effectiveness of the linear scaling function – in fact in this case, it is nullified completely. The user first imports an image into the application using FilejLoad. Note that the first pixel value iscorresponding to the top-left corrupted pixel from Figure a.

Histogram equalizing h i l l s. Development of all the DSP applications in the topic was done using version 2.

However, this means of performing filtering in the frequency domain only works for linear filters.

However, it should be stressed that porting C EVM code to another floating-point development platform such as the C DSK is not a difficult task. We can treat the population of image pixels as a random variable, and with this in mind, the histogram of a digital image is an approximation to its probability density function PDF.

Imaye Windows applications in this book use the latest version of the library 4.

Embedded Image Processing on the TMSC DSP

The size of the kernel may also be changed by adjusting tms320c600 definition of NH, however NH must be odd. Likewise, the beam will not be as attenuated when passing through low-density areas and here the image will appear bright, as the detectors accumulate comparatively more charge.

Figure shows block diagrams of both architectures, illustrating their common roots. The inclusion of debug symbols increases code size and disables certain optimizations, so in order to get ddsp true idea of how long each implementation takes the – g option should be disabled, thereby precluding embeded use of the CCS profiler. Image enhancement per se sometimes means more than enhancing the subjective quality of a digital image, as viewed from the vantage point of a human observer.

It can be downloaded from [19]. The overall quality of the radiograph is directly related to the characteristics of the detectors and the amount of x-ray exposure the detectors absorb. At this point, it would be best to re-create the project from scratch, using the provided project file as rsp template.


Keine Kommentare vorhanden Jetzt ersten Kommentar schreiben! The compiler groups together multiple instructions that do not have any dependencies into a single VLIW instruction, ox fetch packet, to borrow TI’s nomenclature.

Embedded Image Processing on the Tms320c6000 DSP: Examples in Code Composer Studio and MATLAB

What will happen is that separate equalization of the three color channels will result in artificial color shifts, producing a psychedelic effect of sorts. This type of output is an example of using a low-pass filter, which diminishes high spatial frequency components, thereby reducing the visual effect of edges as the surrounding pixel intensities blur together. But this power and convenience comes at a cost. Conversion of a floating-point number into Q15 format is accomplished by tmd320c6000 multiplying by – which is equivalent to shifting left by 15 bits in an integer representation – and then truncating down to an integer, by lopping off whatever fractional component remains after the multiplication.

However, since the exact location of any faulty pixel is presumably known a priori, it follows that a far more efficient and effective means of reducing this highly thee noise is to generate a list of image imagf that should be filtered, and apply an averaging mask over just those locations. Code Composer Studio provides numerous data visualization tools.

req: Embedded Image Processing on the TMSC DSP

In addition, an 8-bit gray-scale palette is set so that Windows renders the now monochrome image correctly. However, because digital image processng algorithms operate in the discrete domain, digitization effects come into play and prevent a purely uniform distribution, as evidenced by the shape of Figure d, where the equalized histogram is close to, but not exactly constant, over the interval Memory is wasted with fetch packets consisting largely of NOPs, while available functional units lie idle, a veritable double whammy that completely stymies high-performance computing.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. In this project, the NM.