With about 5 W input the amplifier provides an RF output of about 80 W on 28 MHz rising to about watts on MHz, using a single PL (EL) that had . EL/6KG6. High Performance Beam Power. Tetrode he Svetlana EL/6KG6 is a beam power tetrode intended for use in class A,. AB or B audio amplifiers. EL Substitutes. No information available. EL Ratings. No information available. EL Application Data. No information available. EL Data sheet.

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As a rule, the individual products of standing current and anode voltage should stay below the maximum dissipation of 35 W per valve. Often they offered their 2 meters etc. I found my results to differ from the formulae and tables as found in handbooks of the eatasheet ‘ As the control grid is loaded with a low resistance, I think that in this design the tube can also be used with even the anodes in parallel, see the proposed schematics.

If accidentally S1 dahasheet off, relay S2 still activates contacts of S1 and S2.

EL519 Datasheet PDF

Filaments and capacitor in series connected to mains. This results in lower efficiency through higher circulating current losses and a lowered output at the antenna terminal.

With about 5 W drive and beginning with the 80 m band, tune the output-circuit for maximum power. The right figure ratasheet an example for the calculation of the capacitor in series with 0.

Sovtek 6B4-G and 2A3 are slightlydifferent.

Across the coil L is the series combination of. After ten years or more television service, cathode emission remains near perfect and the PL is capable of sustaining over 1. Now we calculate the value of L: In our bare-bones circuit, an individual adjustment was considered, but left in favour of a simpler system, based upon DC-feedback during excitation.

At each valve socket, all six grid-pins must connected to each other and be grounded via one point to a common spot chassis, print-board copper side with short connections of thick wire or ribbon strip low inductance. As has been stressed before, the valves should be cooled el5199 well in order not to fail prematurely or have a short life expectancy. The datawheet input circuit also shortens the HF return path between anode and cathode by preventing this Dagasheet current to follow the longer path via the transceiver.


The Big Tube Data Page

This one has a lot of pages from the European Philips Tube Manual. Not everyone understand the principle of diriving screen grid voltage from the input signal. There are various opinions and solutions how to do it, but with a PL it can be relatively simple. Adjustment of the input- and output-circuits must be done with full carrier power key down for maximum output power and minimum input SWR. Quite often in the following years, output was raised after tinkering with the output circuit.

So I think the positive sound comes from users who apparently obtained the better product. Note that the newElectro-Harmonix A is now available,and it does not requireany rewiring to use. Let the PA cool for at least 30 seconds after every 30 seconds of transmitting, to keep the valves healthy. By grounding the plus pole of the meter, one can obtain many meter functions with a one-waver switch.

Hams not having much experience with valves may learn much from this project. In this circuit sweep-valves are being used. Valves unused for a long time and even new one’s, should be first warmed up by having only the filaments on, with the correct voltage, for half an hour.

ZL1BJQ’s amplifier under construction. In order to protect you from extra problems, I am advising you to apply only with — Volts. After band changing, only two capacitors need to be tuned.

EL Datasheet PDF –

The valve seems to be virtually indestructible with its performance limited only by envelope temperature. Extending to the m band is possible with a larger RFC and an additional coil in series with L4 with switching of fixed capacit ors. As mentioned before, any voltage between and V is usable and will determine to a large degree the maximal power output, keeping in mind the proper idle current s. The valve will only conduct when the PTT is activated.


If the chassis of the PA is grounded through the mains cable this method is acc eptable, with the added benefit of daatasheet gradually heating up soft start of the filaments, i. The pi-filter in the output circuit is a compromise. Please note that these are OEM spec sheets,except for some of the Resistance Coupled Amplifier charts, you will not be downloading any eatasheet of a regular tube manual that you already have.

When using this simple bias circuit, it is advised not to wait too long with speaking after pushing the PTT button, in order to let the valves draw standing current for only a short moment. In the absence of drive there is no screen voltage and the idle current is very low. Thanks to the extra current limiting resistor in the anode circuit, I never had problems with these fuses in all my amplifier projects.

Replacing them is much cheaper than replacing valves. For safety reasons in my test amplifier, the two switches for doubling or quadrupling dafasheet voltage have been replaced by relays, which are controlled by push buttons on the front panel.

In this circuit all grids are at earth potential. The anode-circuit must transfer energy and the circulating current amplification factor Q helps to suppress the generated higher harmonics. The loaded coil with a Q of 5 will, at resonance, see a resistance of: With collective bias, individual-resting currents will differ.

Indeed the PA on the desk is home made! Never operate, test or adjust an amplifier unloaded as it may give rise to uncontrolled oscillations and other horrible phenomena!