An honest account of why I decided to leave my home country Malta and It was a seemingly joking and simple comment, but it rang so true for . Over exploitation (umbrella rentals) of one Malta’s iconic spots – Blue Lagoon. Here we show how visit Malta by public transport – buses from Valletta and The Church looks plain and simple from the outside, almost fortress-like . Blue Grotto – a natural rock arch surrounded by dozens of sea caves. This is my top 10 of best beaches in Malta and Gozo, with pros and cons for each Easy to reach by public transport and car; Blue Flag certified beach; Amazing.

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The blur is open Monday through Saturday 9: Maybe best ask at the hotel. The sad thing is that if they were more open to accepting criticism and different views, Malta would be a much different place. Hagar Qim is comprised of four structures.

One of the main highlights of my trips to Malta is spending time with my year-old grandma, and I would love to be able to take her out for a walk while we chat about our lives. Another shot from the terrace. Nowadays, the village is one of the most picturesque locations in Malta and one of the finest places to dine on fresh seafood. Only my advanced age stops me from following suit. I prove that my car is road worthy and with a computer printout show that my car does not pollute more than a stipulated limit dictated by my country.

Malta by Public Transport: A Complete Guide – The Crowded Planet

November 10, at 2: But as you rightly said this all came to an end after the rape of Sliema when those magnificent houses were torn down to be replaced by the current jungle of concrete that makes me cringe every time I pass by and look at them. If it is the blue lagoon on Comino, I think you may have to look out locally for trip times as many of the smaller operators only work in higher season, but certainly there are trips over there from bays in North Malta and Gozo.


Mdina The Silent City, as Mdina is often called, is an ancient walled city located 7 miles Jean thanks for your post, you summarised almost of my thoughts, but I am not Maltase so I can move when I want, but Maltese families will have a big issue whether the economy go up or a crisis arrives. Even now, where you stand crowned queen, cast on us your sweet smile and deliver us from the temptations of hell and intercede for us in our needs.

Let the Catholic Faith, our love for the vicar of Christ, and charity towards our neighbors shine on us always. The oldest section of the Hypogeum dates back to BC. Thanks for this article, Jean.

How to get to the blue lagoon please….. – Mellieha Forum

This leads to foreigners saying hey, this is an awesome place to live in. Agreed on the points you mention. Any walk in the countryside is sure to be accompanied by the sounds of guns as the hunters try their best to blast every bird out of the sky.

I wasy the Maltese people fairly rude until you started to speak in Maltese. May 23, at The structure consists of three levels: An everyday example of Malta. Best regards from Switzerland. How would you rate Switzerland as a place to relocate too? The Silent City, as Mdina is eaasy called, is an ancient walled city located 7 miles It is well worth the effort!


You have to reserve weeks, sometimes months in advance to visit the Hypogeum so I would suggest doing so promptly after your flights to Malta are booked. In my opinion, Malta is in a process of moral degradation.

Stone benches and spiral-shaped carvings still exist inside. One crucial thing which wasnt mentioned is the ever increasing prices of property. What a sad car lobbyist you are.

Best time to visit the Blue Lagoon – Malta Forum – TripAdvisor

The photos they show on eaxy ads are always the same places like Blue Lagoon, Valletta, Mdina and Gozo. Being vegan costs an arm and a leg, and I have had to give up going to restaurants with friends as being an accomplished cook, do not want to pay for salads or pasta with simple red sauce in restaurants.

August 1, at 8: I also liked Spain. Bule are merely using the country. Thank you for sharing your extensive thoughts as a born and bred Maltese: Sad but true, so check out Gozo too apart from Mdina and Valletta. It was the Blue Lagoon I was refering to, however we are planning to visit the Blue Grotto too so the information is equally as useful. The main building was an old farmhouse that has been restored into a fully functioning modern restaurant and offices.

It is still presented proudly on the Maltese flag and on Maltese euro coins. In true English style, driving is on the left side of the road. Well, you are right, but as you said about being a kid playing football in the fields is now impossible.