What This Guide Offers. The content in this guide will help partners integrate the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach into their service practice helping to increase . Around 7 hours of free training video content. In the first session titled “Design Methodologies and Approaches” the presenters discuss PPDIOO. Clarifying PPDIOO So here is a clarification that I had posted in the past regarding the first four phases of the PPDIOO framework.

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Operate — The network has been deployed and is being utilized by the end users.

Cisco PPDIOO | A Network Life Cycle

Sample Chapter is provided courtesy of Cisco Press. About Affiliates Cisco Systems, Inc.

Although complex implementation steps usually require the designer to carry out the implementation, other staff members can complete well-documented detailed implementation steps without the direct involvement of the designer. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

August 22, August 28, Each step for each phase in the implementation phase is described briefly, with references to the detailed implementation plan for further details. Although design is listed as one of the six PPDIOO phases, pdpioo design ppidoo can be present in all the other phases.

My journey to CCIE! You need a well-defined, but simple, process test at every step and a procedure to revert to the original setup in case there is a problem. It is necessary to includes steps to verify and check the work of the engineers implementing the plan. Does the customer have Nevertheless, a proper network lifecycle approach aids in lowering costs by these actions:.

As such, reviewing and utilizing the Cisco Lifecycle will increase the likelihood of any network implementation. You can also follow this project Plan for remaining phases of network life cycle. Article is provided courtesy of Cisco Press. The total cost of network ownership is especially important into today’s business climate. You can start the plan phase by information gathering and list down all the requirements including all services requirement and security requirements.


In plan phase you need to ciaco all the requirements and plan to implement the best practices, you need to create a project plan which helps you to manage your tasks, identify the responsible parties, define rules, set pdioo milestone and work with your project managers and vendors to Identify the resources that you need for designing and implementation of network.

Optimize phase is a proactive network management, you can identify and resolved issue before they move to entire network base of your good design. cisci

The look and feel of your actual implementation plan can vary to meet the requirements of your organization. Normally in this phase board of directors or top management of organization are involve, as a network designer you need to list down all the possible infrastructure for your technology that you can deploy for ppdipo company. Network availability has always been a top priority of enterprises.

Notify me of new posts via email. The main documented reasons for applying a lifecycle approach to campus design are as follows:. Verifies that interconnects have links on respective switches. Characterizing of existing network is an information gather process.

The Cisco PPDIOO Life Cycle. | CCIE or Null!

Each phase consists of several steps, and each step should contain, but be not ppdiol to, the following documentation:. See All Related Articles. Operation phase is the actual test of your network design, you need to identity the network related fault. Moreover, when implementing a design, you must consider the possibility of a failure, even after a successful pilot or prototype network test. There are a number of different moving parts in a modern computer network; yet the goal of any company is to make money and service their stakeholders.

Cisco’s PPDIOO Network Cycle

Appropriate support personnel are also monitoring and maintaining the network. Written by Stephen J. The design specification is the basis for the implementation activities. You can also properly make a plan for changes in infrastructure and changes in requirements for resources. Configures Layer 3 interfaces for IP address and routing configuration on new modules in campus backbone. Examples of where downtime could cause loss of revenue is with network outages that prevent market trading during a surprise interest rate cut or the inability to process credit card transactions on black Friday, the shopping day following Thanksgiving.

  DIN 28182 PDF

These changes can be minor or major depending on the amount and type of issues that occur. If the customer wanted to implement a WLAN you would want to ask various questions.

Configures Layer 3 interfaces for IP address and routing info on new campus switches. Today’s networks are too critical for business operations not to plan effectively. I emphasized this point more then once for a reason.

However, p;dioo downtime can result in a loss of revenue.

Interconnects new campus switches to new modules in campus backbone. The detailed implementation plan section should describe the precise steps necessary to ppidoo the phase.

Summary Next Section Previous Section. The operational phase involves maintaining network health through day-to-day operations, including maintaining high availability and reducing expenses.

NOTE It is best-practice to lay out implementation steps in a tabular form and review those steps with your peers. Sure we hate to admit it but sometimes things happen out of our control. You can simplify the design phase with following steps:. IT and network infrastructure of an organization directly related to business goal of that organization. For solving problem you can go back to your previous phases for example prepare and plan phase, make the changes there and then again test the changes in operate or optimize phase.

If each of the different steps is taken, designs will be more ppdoo, operations will be easier to manage, and troubleshooting will not be as complicated. Monitor the working of different devices and network ciscoo.