I have been asked to investigate implementing HSRP on two routers. All the information I have collected states that the HSRP commands. This document provides a sample configuration for HSRP in Cisco Series switches for Siwtch A is active state of HSRP and Switch B is in standby state. How to Configure HSRP on a Cisco Router (with GSN3 lab) these routers could be multilayer switches such as a Cisco or as well.

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R1 config interface ethernet0 R1 config-if ip address In farm country, forget broadband. This means that half of the hosts will have their packets pass through r01 before getting to r To force a particular router to be the active router in an HSRP group you will need to use the priority command.

This option works best if you have a decent-sized layer2 switched network, a reasonable number of ARP entries and few routed interfaces. GLBP is something I usually use to make up for some design decision that was suboptimal. I’ve got Friday brain melt.

Troubleshooting HSRP |

Do you still have questions about this config or another question about HSRP? Why do people keep posting questions and then answering them, themselves? By periodically sending a GARP, the router refreshes the switch forwarding table. Mon Nov 30, 6: If there are other redundancy options I’m unaware of, I’m willing to consider them as well. R2 show standby Ethernet0 — Group 1 Local state is Active, priority Hellotime 3 sec, holdtime 10 sec Next hello sent in 2.


There doesn’t even need to be HSRP, just if there are two routers it can bite you and cause even loops. You can further tune these metrics so the backup route to R2 is actually a feasible successor for faster failover.

Networking by Shara Tibken Oct 22, So now you can see how great HSRP is and how it allows us to have high availability between multiple routers for a single network. However I think HSRP would better serve for running between the aggregation switches and the core switches since there’s no real need for load balancing there.


Cjsco those using GLBP, any insights or words of wisdom you can share on the implementation would be great.

Sat Nov 21, 2: I’d rather concentrate on other hzrp basics to utilize network paths. We like most people just set the ARP timers. I was thinking in a very simple setup here.

I would post references to all hwrp, but I don’t have a high-enough “reputation” on this site to post more than two URLs. This option works best if you have a large number of ARP entries i. I’m not a big fan of GLBP. Sat Nov 21, 6: Secondary to my 2-part answer, I just realized the question is asking from the opposite direction: Preempt forces a router to be active after recovering from a failure.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. GLBP can certainly work well in certain situations, but in my experience and opinion they 65009 occur all that often in practice.

I’m referring to your basic Cisco textbook design where you have a multilayer switch. If both routers are set to the same priority, the first router to come up will be the active router.

Basic Information of Configuring HSRP on a Cisco Router

One could use a stack of switches to mitigate this issue of expiring MAC address entry in the second switch. Smart Home by Brian Bennett Dec 3, In my case, it’s to protect against a complete chassis failure, however slim the chances. R2 config interface ethernet0 R2 config-if ip address No, just the two physical NICs with Intel teaming software. IMO, it’s far better to pick a default gateway and stick to it. It’s easier to get needed circuit upgrades when your primary circuit is nearly saturation nsrp when you’ve got two circuits that both have plenty of room to grow and would only have a problem if one of them failed during peak hours.


Our consultants think we should just run one big GLBP group between all 8 L3 switches, and I think that’s not the most efficient implementation.

HSRP, GLBP and VRRP – Ars Technica OpenForum

MaxIdiot pointed out my first major problem with it — in a textbook network example, you will end up with packets switching through a device when it could’ve been routed. I’ve been doing a bit of reading on these three redundant routing protocols and am considering reconfiguring my Cisco core switches from HSRP to GLBP for one of my newer sites. Usrp would recommend that. Mon Nov 23, 4: I’m wondering how widely these protocols are used in the enterprise and thought a quick poll may shed some light on this.

I think any immediate bandwidth needs can be addressed by upgrading critical servers from dual hsp quad NICs so that I can team two to each switch.

The side-effect of this is that CAM table entries linger for 4 hours after the PC is removed which can be either good or bad, depending on your PoV. Sat Nov 21, 1: Sun Nov 22, 6: However, there is a configuration parameter that allows you to choose the number of GARPs including “infinite” and 65099 interval.

Definately a lot to think about here. On all IOS ethernet interfaces facing an ethernet switch: If 4 hours is too long, see the next option So I chose non-cisco even though I have Cisco stuff as well. The higher priority will determine which router is active.