1: I can’t understand at which point down the Chunked LOD pipeline that the mesh gets split into chunks. Is this during the initial mesh. Hello, I’m here to ask for help. I have program for terrain editing, but I went into one problem I can’t solve. Between each chunk is crack, how to. Hi I am trying to implement chunked lod for a while now and I am not successful so far. I read the paper about chunked lod and understood the.

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If you have a good reason to vary the chunk geometry size, by all means go for it. And there is my bug result: And for 3th question I was talking about chunked lod.

You must login to your GameDev. I don’t quite understand your math. I already listed three methods in my 1st message. Here is the page for it and here is the paper T. Caius Eugene 4 Documentation I presented this stuff at the “Super-size it! Level of detail, or LOD, is a term for techniques which involve reducing the complexity of a scene to increase performance. At that cost, the benefit cbunked well-estabilished algorithms is not clear to me.

Post as a guest Name. Additional data files, hosted at SourceForge: In this post I will briefly go over chunkee of the techniques and explain how they may be adapted for the special case cbunked a spherical terrain. For densely tessellated height fields that works rather well.


LOD chunked rendering

There are many implementations for terrain LOD; some of which are really good. How this should work? GPU moves the other vertices produced by it, and you have no fine control over that. Adapting to spherical implementation As this is also grid there was no reason why not to map it to [-1, 1] coordinates and collapse it into a sphere in the shader. Additional advantage is the use of a geometric error estimate function which serves as a more accurate test for when to change the LOD level compared to pure distance functions.

Posted July 24, edited. The devices I experimented with are the Nexus 5 phone old Nexus 7 Gen tablet. Sign In Sign Up. But otherwise it really rocks. Or you can mix-and-match.

I render one by one chunk. The real world at a 10 or 30 meter sample frequency just isn’t that bumpy. I tried google it but I don’t understand it. Last edited by glararan; at For my needs it means I had to create the height data on a different thread as the camera gets closer to the planet, save it to the hard drive or SD card in case of mobile devices and load it on demand. And as I mentioned before I don’t think there are any resources other than this one for chunked lod technique.

The possibility of traversing the heightmap with raycasting. Are you using quadtree or calculate screen-error metric to choose a proper chunk?

The Industry’s Foundation for High Performance Graphics

The various chunks can still page to disk or assembled in hierarchical fashion albeit most people using geomipmapping does not seem cunked be aware of that. For example, you can integrate the chunking into your mesh generation algorithm. It really depends on the design of your engine. I assume you’re talking about Geomipmapping It’s a direct consequence of doubling the sampling frequency.


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Level of Detail Experiments

Brilliant answer, It’s cleared up a lot of things. See vhunked to slides in the docs section. I’m not using quadtree, using screen-error. Because cgunked sphere consists of 6 grids Chujked chose one grid to be the center which implemented the GPU clipmaps technique and applied the same rotation matrix to the other grids to turn them away from the camera, allowing me to keep them with low vertex count and hidden from the user.

Btw do you know how to fix texture flickering? The main idea of the technique is to keep the geometry constant and centered around the player but update the height data into textures as the camera moves.

What we do not know however is the orientation. Tags for this Thread chunkscrackslod. You can build from scratch on Linux or Win