Casuarina junghuhniana. Family Name: Casuarinaceae. Common Names: Mountain Ru, Red-tipped Ru, Horsetail Tree, Ru Ronan. Mountain Ru,Red- tipped. Casuarina junghuhniana. Casuarinaceae. Miq. LOCAL NAMES. Chinese (shan di mu ma huang); English (she oak,red-tipped ru,mountain ru,forest oak);. Casuarina junghuhniana. Authority, Miq. Family, Magnoliopsida:Hamamelidae: Casuarinales:Casuarinaceae. Synonyms. Common names. Editor. Ecocrop code .

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Casuarina junghuhniana

Most plantings in Thailand and Kenya are scattered in small plots of a few hectares. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Male inflorescence a cylindrical or slightly clavate spike, cm long, borne on the apex of a deciduous branchlet; sheathing bracts hairy outside. The fruit is a woody, oval structure superficially resembling a conifer conemade up of numerous carpelseach containing a single seed with a small wing.

National Academy Press, Washington, D.

Seed is sown onto germination beds. Defoliation of C junghuhniana plantations by a locust Aulaches miliaris during rainy season has also been reported in Thailand. Stem cuttings of young shoots are placed in small pots filled with jinghuhniana and river sand. For other uses, see Casuarina disambiguation.

Trees respond well to coppicing and pollarding. Just login and add your comments. Journal of the Chemical Society 8: Green branchlets are attacked by the Acrididae locust Aularches miliaris and insects of the family Lymantriidae. NFT for beauty, food, fodder and soil improvement Acacia aneura – a desert fodder tree.

Lowering soil pH makes the soil more acidic, which can help Bermuda’s biodiversity by growing acid-loving plants such as blueberriesblackberriesazaleasrhododendronsand such plants that may be seen in similar hardiness zones as Bermuda USDAsuch as plants found in New Zealand and Floridawhich naturally have a lower pH soil than Bermuda.


File:Cemara Angin (Casuarina Junghuhniana) in Samosir – Wikimedia Commons

On the coasts of the Indian Peninsula, where it thrives well, the absolute maximum shade temperature varies from Variation within each subspecies funkier complicates the subgroupings. Jinghuhniana grevilleoides Diels L. In Thailand felled trees are transformed to poles by removing side branches.

Now the ironwoods are growing on cliffs and casuadina slopes, competing with surrounding plants; they also erode the cliffs by splitting them apart via root penetration. The soil includes coastal sand, shifting sterile sand, river alluvium, sandy loam with high water table, red loam, red gravelly loam and hard laterite etc.

Propagation of Casuarina junghuhniana by planting shoots and root suckers.

Learning Platforms Gardeners Platforms wiki. Top 10 insect repellent plants Top 10 lilies plants Top 10 low care plants Top 10 lucky plants Top 10 medicinal plants Top 10 money spinning trees Top 10 mosquito repell plants. Seedlings are pricked out into polythene bags when cm tall. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Subspecies timorensis is normally found at lower altitudes, especially in Timor where it grows from near sea level to m.

Nitrogen Fixing Trees highlights Acacia koa – Hawaii’s most valued native tree Acacia leucophloea – shade and fodder for livestock in arid environments Alnus acuminata: Top 10 flowering plants Top 10 flower bed plants Top 10 fragrant plants Top 10 junguhhniana plants Top 10 ground covers Top 10 hard to kill plants Top 10 herbs.


Casuarina junghuhniana – Useful Tropical Plants

Nitrogen fixing capacity, shorter gestation period of casuarlna 4 years, good fuel wood, good value when harvested for poles, preferred in construction industry for scaffolding and for supporting Banana plants because of its inherent character of giving straight polls, drought tolerance capacity, high calorific value of wood preferred crop for Biomass power plantsand good pulping traits for manufacture of paper.

Good plantations can be seen on laterite soils and well drained sandy loams. In East lava forests of C junghuhniana have been attacked by caterpillars but the trees recovered even after repeated defoliations.

Structures of pendunculagin, casuarictin, strictinin, casuarinin, casuariin, junghubniana stachyurin”. Seedlings can attain 3 m growth in height per year during the first years.

Casuarina Junghuhniana, Rhu – 0.5 Kg Seeds

In Timor it commonly grows on limestonederived soils. This is a low land tree that can be planted from sea level upto 1, m. It is dioecious; individual trees are carry either male or casuarinx flowers.

Currently the species is considered to consist of two subspecies. It is not used as fodder. It is light demander requiring bright sunshine for best growth and development.