3/2 solenoid valves – Flow control valves – Valve islands -. Accessories · GO AHEAD. Series pipe fittings. Fittings threads: metric. Pneumatic Components for Industrial Automation. Camozzi Catalogue.

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Series VEBL basic ejectors. Mechanical and manual valves. Filter-regulators Series MX – dimensions. Series VSC quick exhaust valves.

In-line connectors with bridge rectifier.

CGSN gripper, bore 20 mm – dimensions. Silenced exhaust controllers Mod.

Camozzi Products area – Homepage

Series MD pressure regulators. Series CFB stainless steel solenoid valves. Screws for assembling kit F. Quick exhaust valves Mod. Series 63 cylinders with catwlogo lock.

Pneumatically actuated valve – size Encoder cables for Brushless MTB motors. Series PL directly operated solenoid valves. Accessory to mount valves on the cylinder.


DIN pitch 9. Flat finger gripper with sensor slot Mod. Male trunnion bracket Mod. Series 40 cylinders with centre trunnion Mod.

Electropneumatic valve, bistable with outlets on sub-base – size Rapid clamp kit with wall fixing brackets – size 2. Slot nut 6 for front insertion. Series electronic control. Cylinders Series 97, Mod. Cylinders Series 60 with centre trunnion Mod.


Cwmozzi start valve Series MC. Magnetic proximity switches with M8 3-pin connector for V slot. Mounting bracket for DIN rail. Rapid clamp kit with wall fixing brackets – size 3. Series LR digital proportional servo valves – technical characteristics. Front and rear female trunnion Mod. Housing for axial connection Mod. Series 40 cylinders – through-rod. Series 2L basic logic valves. Series MTB Brushless motors – dimensions. CGLN gripper, bore 10 mm – dimensions.

Screws for wall mounting Mod. Manifold bars with separate exhausts low version. Vertical mounting foot bracket for valves with outlets on the body. Counter bracket for front trunnion Mod.


Series CSD magnetic proximity switches with 3-wire cable. Series MD lubricators camozzo dimensions. Series VEDL inline ejectors. Series PDV directly operated solenoid valves with separating diaphragm.

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Series MD filters with visual blockage indicator – dimensions. Intermediate plate for valves to provide separate supply in 3 and 5.

Series MTS motors for electric actuation. A with swivel interface. Rear trunnion, female Mod. Interface plate – Anti-rotation guides S. Manifold bars with separate exhausts high version. Mounting brackets for DIN rail. Cylinders with Roller bearings Mod. CGPS gripper, size 32 mm – dimensions.