Cabezas colosales olmecas. Responsibility: Beatriz de la Fuente. Edition: 1. ed. Imprint: México, D.F.: El Colegio Nacional, Physical description: p. Jul 23, XI – Olmec – Las cabezas colosales olmecas son por lo menos diecisiete representaciones monumentales de piedra de cabezas humanas. Cyphers Anne «Las cabezas colosales», Arqueología Mexicana, II (12), pp. Escultura olmeca de San Lorenzo Tenochtitlán, UNAM, Mexico.

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Massive boulder heads in Central America remain a mystery …”.

Catálogo de cabezas colosales olmecas – Google Books

She observes that in Olmec art coexist both the perceptual and the conceptual oolmecas as defined by Gombrich 6. Toward a new vision of artUniversity of Texas Press, Austin. The spools have the form of a rounded square with a circular sunken central portion. Journal of Field Archaeology. The base of the headdress is formed by three horizontal strips running over the forehead.

In the rare occasions when the subject is dealt with, portraiture is mistaken for naturalism and is not demonstrated but perceived as obvious. The cheeks are given prominence by the action of smiling; the brow that is normally visible in other heads is covered by the rim of the headdress. The original location of the La Cobata head was not a major archaeological site and it is likely that the head was either abandoned at its source or during transport to its intended destination.


Seventeen confirmed examples are known from four sites within the Olmec heartland on the Gulf Coast of Mexico. These are stylised and represented by one question mark shape contained within another.

All four captives to the left of the stairway face it, but the last figure of the row turns his head in the opposite direction; to the right of the stairway, only the first figure faces it, while the other four give their back to it. The idealized faces of Classical Colodales sculpture are realistic and perfectly human but are not portraits in the sense that they do not refer to individuals, even if models were used by olmeecas artists who made them.

There are similarities between the headdresses on some of the heads that has led to speculation that specific headdresses colosaales represent different dynasties, or perhaps identify specific rulers. The left side of San Lorenzo Mon. Bonzom, after Becquelin and Baudez The purpose of this paper is to show that this is not always the case, especially in the pre-Columbian civilizations of Mesoamerica, such as the Olmec and the Maya.

Two short straps hang down from the headdress in front of the ears. It was found lying on its side to the south of a monumental throne.

File:Cabeza Colosal nº1 del Museo Xalapa.jpg

They form two groups: The flat backs of many of the colossal heads represented the flat bases of the monumental thrones from which they were reworked. The two human statues from the same group have a similar position: Note the moustache, the big nose and the irregular colisales of the forehead and nose. Two short straps descend from the headdress in front of colodales ears. Only one earspool survives; it is flat, in the form of a rounded square, and is decorated with a cross motif.


The mouth is sensitively carved and the head possesses a pronounced chin. The backs of the monuments often are flat.

File:Cabeza Colosal nº1 del Museo – Wikipedia

Coe and Koontz, p. The forehead is gathered in a frown. While colosles corresponding victorious figure was found with them, slabs showing severed heads were displayed in the same context, and a few colossal heads are known from the area ibid. Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection.

The Ancient Maya 6th fully cabezaas ed. The two heads at Tres Zapotes, with the La Cobata head, [] are stylistically distinct from the other known examples.

At San Lorenzo, only the head of Mon. Lifelikeness, verisimilitude, or emotional expressions are not criteria for portraits. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Jornadas en Homenaje a la Dra. These tassels are judged to represent hair rather than cords.

Carved block after photo Couvreur.