The other day I stumbled on a Make Use Of article about buzztouch, a “iPhone, iPad, Android app builder Aug 07, 18 · Mobile Zone · Tutorial.

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Best Buzztouch Videos |

I find both the software and the emulator much quicker than eclipse. Adding jar’s is a different matter! Buzztouch Scringo Integration BT 2.

Is there anything that shows up in LogCat when you try to load the screen? For more information… From: The other day I stumbled on a Make Use Of article about buzztoucha “iPhone, iPad, Android app builder and content management system. Jun 17, Mildura, Austra Buzztouch Developers 6 25 14, 3 02 PM From: Comments Thank you my good man!

Angry Ninja Development Views: May 01, Hopkins, Minnes Changing the Nav and Tab bar colors Use this tutorial from Sandeep to change the navbar background color, icon tint color and text color. Installing Google Maps on Android This document, by Smug Wimp Tutorials, describes how you can obtain the Google key you will need to run maps in your Android application.


The manual is included: Buzztouch Tutorials 11 http: I haven’t tried it with Studio yet Which is way too often. Deleting A buzztouch v2.

Control Panel Child Items This document from nadthevlad describes how to set up your child items in a 3.

Mobile App Makers for Churches and Ministries — Buzztouch, Sencha and Infinite Monkeys Comparison How would your ministry change if you had a mobile app that allowed you to share things quickly with your community and supporters? Updated by CakeBit Submitted by: Mark Comments Thanks, everybody! Once you’re logged in and have a screen name entered in your profileyou can subscribe to topics, follow users, and start learning how to make apps like the pros.

Fifteen Minute Video Tutorial: Android Studio + Buzztouch APK Compile

This is for Self-Hosted only. SmugWimp Making Custom Icons with pixelmater You can save a lot of money by tutorrial your icons with pixelmater instead of Photoshop.

You may also wish to view the video at http: Fifteen Minute Video Tutorial: Buzztouch Tutorials 9 http: Keep in mind that it makes a copy of your project and stores it, by default, in the AndroidStudioProject folders.


Instant Database App — Buzztouch Plugin This is a plugin for Buzztouch allowing you to connect the template to any online CSV file to display the information in various screens. QR Code Buzztouch Buzztouch. I tried dragging it into the drawable folder but it will not accept it. Buzztouch Developers 12 4 13, 3 03 PM From: Mar 05, Saint Louis, Mi Welcome to buzztouch A quick introduction by David Tutoril, buzztouch.

Android projects, possible changes coming fr… From: It is a must read for Plugin Developers. Thank you Buzztouch Just wanted to thank Buzztouch.