In his speech, Rizal stresses the reason of their gathering – which is to indicate an achievement which enlightened what really is a dark society. The speech was Rizal’s toast to the triumph of Juan Luna’s Spolarium and Felix Hidalgo’s Las Virgenes Cristianas Expuestas al populacho in their work of arts. Homage to Luna and Hidalgo By: Jose Rizal Lustañas — Magbag — 2-ELS.

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And both of them, despite being so different, at least in appearance, are the same in thei substance, just as all our hearts are the same despite our notable differences. Autobiography of Jose Rizal This is the summary of Rizal’s life which stresses the most significant points of the Philippine history.

You love them, you see in them noble hopes, valuable examples. This you know well and you glory in it. The deeds of her illustrious sons are no longer wasted away at home. And both, despite being so distinct in themselves, in appearance at least, are fundamentally one, as all our gy are, in spite of notable differences; in reflecting on their palette the splendiferous rays of unfading glory with which gizal surround their Native Land, both express the spirit of our social, moral, and political life; mankind subjected to harsh tests; unredeemed mankind; reason and aspiration in an open struggle with preoccupations, fanaticism, and injustices, because sentiments and opinions cut passages through the brindi walls; because to them all bodies have pores, all are transparent, and if they lack a pen, if the press does not help them, the palette and brushes will not only delight the eye but will also be eloquent tributes.

To such belong the names of Luna and Hidalgo: This you well know and you exult in it; to you are owed the beauty of the diamonds that the Philippines wears in her crown; she produced the precious stones, Europe polished them. The names of Luna and Hidalgo belong amo them – their glories illuminate two ends of the globe: And I drink, finally, for the happiness of jise parents who, deprived of the tenderness of their children, follow them from gizal distant regions with moist eyes and palpitating hearts across seas and space, who have sacrificed on the rrizal of the common welfare the sweet consolations that are so scarce in the twilight of life, precious and lonely winter flowers that sprout along the snow-white borders of the grave.

What matter the guns and cannon, there where a feeling of love, of affection, does not flourish—there where there is no fusion of ideas, harmony of opinion?

In the history of mankind there are names which in themselves signify an achievement-which call up reverence and greatness; names which, like magic formulas, invoke agreeable and pleasant ideas; names which come to form a compact, a token of peace, a bond of love btindis the nations. You love them and we see in them generous aspirations, precious examples.


Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website. Like sickly nurses, corrupted and corrupting, these opponents of progress pervert the heart of the people.

The Filipino youth of Europealways enthusiastic-and some other persons whose hearts briindis ever young through the disinterestedness and enthusiasm that characterize their actions, tender Luna a crown, a humble tribute-small indeed compared to our enthusiasm-but the most spontaneous and freest of all the tributes yet paid to him.

Luna and Hidalgo bring glory to Spain as well as to the Philippines; they were born in the Philippines, but they could have been born in Spain, because creative genius does not manifest itself solely within the borders of a specific bh What he takes jab are elites who rizwl everything just to brijdis the education system among filipinos because they are afraid that they might learn to defend.

But the gratitude of the Philippines towards her illustrious sons was not yet satisfied, and desiring to give free rein to the thoughts that bubble in the mind, to the sentiments that abound in the heart, and to the words that escape from the lips, we have all come here to this banquet to join our wishes, in order to give form to the mutual embrace of two races that love one another and care for one another; morally, socially, and politically united for a period of four centuries, so that they may form in the future one single nation in spirit, in their duties, in their views, in their bgindis.

Rizal’s Brindis Speech Reaction Essay Example for Free

brindiis The same nature that conceives such phenomena has also a share in those lines. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. What is your topic? To get a unique essay Hire Writer. The furrow is ready and the ground is not sterile!

Reaction Paper in Rizal’s Speech “Brindis” Essay

The air is full of empathetic good feeling; currents of brotherho fly in every direction; generous souls are listening and, therefore, I do not fear for my humble pe nor doubt your benevolence.

Graciano Lopez Jaena shared these views in his own toast that same heady night— although, as Luna biographer Santiago Albano Pilar observes with a note of endorsement for the Visayan propagandista, Lopez Jaena was more belligerent and emotionally raw than the Tagalog thinker.

Seated at our festal board and honoring the illustrious sons of the Philippines, you also honor Spain, because, as you are well aware, Spain’s boundaries are not the Atlantic or the Bay of Biscay or the Mediterranean-a shame would it be for water to place a barrier to her greatness, her thought.

And this is because Hidalgo was born beneath the dazzling azure of that sky, to the murmur of the breezes of her seas, in the placidity of her lakes, the poetry of her valleys and the majestic harmony of her hills and mountains.

There they absorbed the poetry of nature; nature grand and terrible in its cataclysms, its transformations, its conflicting forces; nature sweet, kose and melancholy in its constant manifestation, unchanging; nature that stamps its seal upon whatever it creates or produces. Leave your email and we brindiss send you an example after 24 hours You survey the whole field, you weigh the cause and extend your hand to whomsoever like myself, desires to unite with you in a single thought, in a sole aspiration: The spirit of that extravagance informed the claim, the first of a very long jlse of repeats: No one has the right to judge or put down a person because anyone can be great.


He clearly held faith in evolution and progress, and had an ecstatic response to the idea of genius. Let us not invoke their sad remembrance; let us not drag their ghastliness into the midst of our rejoicing! Analyze, if not her characteristics, then her works; and little as you may know that b, you will see her in everything moulding its knowledge, as the soul that everywhere presides, as the spring of the mechanism, as the substantial form, as the raw material.

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Bt found the Essay You Want? Choose Type of service. I drink, then, to our artists Luna and Hidalgo, genuine and pure glories of two peoples. Such is, indeed, the reason why we are gathered. They sow among them the seeds of discord, to reap later the harvest, a deadly nightshade of future generations.

Spain is there—there where her beneficent influence is exerted; and even brincis her flag should disappear, there would remain her memory—eternal, imperishable. In contrast, in Hidalgo’s paint beats the purest sentiment,3 the ideal expression of mournfulness, beauty and vulnerability, the victims of brute force, and it is because Hidalgo was born beneath the brilliant azure of that sky, lullaby of its sea breezes, amid the serenity of its lakes, the poetry of its valleys and the majestic harmony of its hills and mountains.

Let me help you. Essays – Jose Rizal. Rizal en el Banquette dado en honor de los bg Filipinos. As I utter, gentlemen, their names, it is if I saw before me two luminous arches, projecting from both regions meeting half-way and entwining far on high, impelled by a sensation of sharing a common origin which unites two nations by an eternal bond, two nations that neither sea nor space can keep apart, two nations in which the seed of discord sown by the blind despotism of men will not bear fruit.

I drink then, to the health of our artists Luna and Hidalgo, legitimate and pure glories of two peoples! A guide to understanding and implementing Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.