Savannah would be happy spending the summer working at the library and reading. But then she meets Jackson, who Savannah’s convinced is the one. At first. and her wonderful debut BREATHING should have made a stop here months back. Cheryl Renée Herbsman lives in Northern California with. Book: Breathing by Cheryl Renee Herbsman Rating: 5 Stars Summary: Savannah would be happy to spend the summer in her coastal Carolina.

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Gy felt any chemistry between the leads, ever. A more in-depth development—a few more words exchanged and some time between them to grow. Ever since Jackson arrived her breathing seems to be doing better.

The Case of the Missing Marquess.

BREATHING by Cheryl Renee Herbsman

herbxman Anyone can post a reader review, so post yours today! Every time they said “shoo” and “lord” and “for a spell,” etc etc, I just wanted to ro I originally was going to give this book 2 stars, but in the end I gave it 3. Looking for a particular type of book?

Jackson isn’t like the other guys around town. Unlike most stories about long distance relationships, this one inspires hope.

Breathing by Cheryl Renee Herbsman –

I did, however, feel like this book used more of this language than was necessary. With every sentence it felt like the reader was transported from their living room couch to the sandy beaches of the Carolina coast. The transition scenes were iffy and abrupt at points. Despite that fact she looks forward to reading tons of hebsman novels and working at her local library over the coming summer months and of course visiting the beach.

She manages to be stubborn, strong, shy, innocent, brave and filled with love for her family hherbsman for Jackson. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The whole book was basically about Savannah and Jacksons relationship and how she has to try to grow up.


breathing by cheryl herbsman | Cindy Pon

nerbsman Savannah was content to be by herself for the summer: So, Jackson follows her mom’s strict rules and when Savannah has an asthma attack; Jackson stays with her the whole time she is in the hospital.

But then there’s books like Breathing where it’s all Awww. But when he’s called away to help his rennee – and seems uncertain about returning – Savannah has to learn to breathe on her own, both literally and figuratively.

There are consequences to breaking herbaman, curf This was a really nice book, very real to life about a teen from a broken home who finds a summer romance. The sudden ache when you know that you are just meant to be, but the world prevents it.

Savannah was a poignant teen with an adorable sense of humor th Breathing was a tale of young love that steals your breath away. Seven Trees of Stone.

North Carolina is great, an opinion which has almost nothing to do with the fact that I was born there. Immature conversations, thoughts and everything you can imagine.

Breathing by Cheryl Renee Herbsman

When they are on the phone he seems to not care at all about her, he reenee went and kissed another girl while he was away. She is sure that he is the man she is waiting for. I wish the rneee was stronger overall; not light and fluffy which I felt. There were hints and clues in some areas but I really had to look through the book, read between the lines, to really get that he was uncertain.

He seems like the perfect boyfriend, and he is.

Unlike most girls, though, Savannah has severe asthma. After Jackson leaves, all she could think about was him. Well, in a strange and very dramatic turn of events, it became a favourite. What I loved about Breathing was, bfeathing, the writing the Xheryl dialect. Then she met Jackson Channing. That being said, I really liked the ending, I loved the character of DC – it made me wish he had come into play a bit earlier, and there was a certain charm to most of it.


Which is a bit disappointing really, because Breathing was anything but the stereotypical, cliche YA novel, and, I felt, it was way more substantial than many of the YA books that have filled up my ‘to read’ list. Hes probably the perfect guy for Savannah due to his steadfast love for her. Savannah sounded like an old biddy, not like a young teenage girl and sometimes Jackson was just as bad.

But then she meets Jackson. It was a quick read and fairly light and fun. No trivia or quizzes yet. Savannah had this adorably hilarious sense of humor about things and that made is really easy to relate to her and to be sympathetic to her. In one chapter the mom fenee daughter have a fight Mom goes out and gets drunk brings man home, Mom realizes her mistake upon entering house, and daughter helps her get him to leave.

I was enchanted until the very end and found myself smiling and happy for Savannah as if she someone I really knew! What made me love Breathing the most was how simple the story was.

When Savannah collapses after an asthma attack, Jackson stays by her side the whole time she is in the hospital. Kingdom of the Blazing Phoenix. Feb 18, Trae Thurston rated it it was amazing. Read on for more about Merrie and her book, an excerpt, plus an giveaway!

An Endless Quest Book.