Biefeld-Brown effect is not understood. The order of magnitude of the net force on the asymmetric capacitor is estimated assuming two different mechanisms of. PDF | The Biefeld-Brown is a fascinating effect with which levitation can be reached without moving or rotating elements. Static voltage is. Biefeld-Brown effect Lifter. «on: 03/15/ AM». Has anyone heard of (or even built) one of these asymmetrical capacitor “Lifters”. I just saw a story on it.

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It seemed efffect me that it generated more lift than could be generated by the ionic wind it developed, but it may have been electrostatically repelled from the carpeting as well. Instead, they proposed that the Biefeld—Brown effect may be better explained using ion drift instead of ion wind due to how the former involves collisions instead of ballistic trajectories.

The effect of inhomogenous electric fields i. This site uses cookies. Leik Myrabo has done some real engineering work on an air ionisation drive with the power supplied ecfect ground-based lasers. To reach that conclusion, Feigel began by addressing a long-standing controversy in electrodynamics: The whole apparatus is setup in an underground chamber below a large climate controlled laboratory.

Biefeld–Brown effect

However, the thrust generated by such high potential capacitors has been minimal and thus this phenomenon has had very limited practical utility: I think we’ve gota case of cross purposes here Though the applied voltage and current will propagate at nearly the speed of light, the movement of the conductors themselves is almost negligible.

The sample mass and the capacitor are placed inside a measurement cell filled with high purity nitrogen gas.

There have been brow on the claims that this force can be produced in a full vacuum, meaning it is an unknown anti-gravity force, and not just the more well known ion wind. I’ll note that JP Aerospace is planning on this sort of propulsion for their space blimps I’m not talking about something for launch.


Biefeld-Brown effect

Using relativity, Feigel found birfeld the Abraham definition accounts for the momentum of the electric and magnetic fields alone, while the Minkowski definition also takes into account the momentum of the material. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Ning Li claimed a practical way to produce antigravity effects. Today, the Internet is filled with sites devoted to this interpretation of the effect.

The article also mentioned the “gravitator,” an invention by Brown which produced motion without the use of electromagnetism, gears, propellers, or wheels, but instead using the principles of what he called “electro-gravitation. However, Ulf Leonhardt of the University of St. To get to higher speeds, you need to operate this at higher voltages.

Biefeld-Brown effect Lifter

As for the maser lightcraft, I’d never heard of it, sounds interesting, do you have any more info on this? You are commenting using your WordPress. By now, many people are familiar with the idea that the vacuum contains energy — in fact a great deal of it — and that some can be extracted to do physical work. In a series of papers co-authored with fellow university physicist Douglas G.

Unfortunatly, being a shock-driven process, the structural integraty of vehicle degrades quickly, in addition to only being useful in the lower atmosphere.

I just saw a story on it, and never had brosn known of the concept. Any application in the future for a craft would need a lot of electric power The Biefeld—Brown effect is an electrical phenomenon that produces an ionic wind that transfers its momentum to surrounding neutral particles.

Retrieved 27 August If absorbed, the pressure is the energy flux density divided by the speed of light. A light balsa frame, aluminum foil, some wires, and 30, volts will make a levitating model craft for which no clear explanation exists for that behavior. The basic Biefeld-Brown effect is quite simple.

Now Alexander Feigel of Rockefeller University in New York has predicted an analogous but rather surprising effect that a dielectric body placed in crossed electric and magnetic fields will extract linear momentum from the vacuum and start to move: I concede that the thinner the vacuum, the lower the thrust, that is a given, but nor is this dependent on any crazy physics either: The observed changes in angular momentum agree with the classical theory.


I can’t believe something like this hasn’t been known or throughly studied by some propulsion type group. Simon If you’re talking about the lightcraft, there has actually been some testflight, I think it went to ft or so, problem is, it’s gotta be very light and need a powerful laser as for the lifters, yep it ionises air around and use it to move, and in this case too needs to be very light.

According to their report, the researchers claimed that the effects of ion wind was at least three orders of magnitude too small to account for the observed force on the asymmetric capacitor in the air. So, with abalative laser propulsion, you can get a SSTO LV and your major vehicle costs is the laser system on the ground which, unlike most reusable LV systems, dosn’t have to be fished out the ocean With the electric field on, off and reversed the weight of the masses is measured by an analytical balance.

As part of a study inU. I had got ahold of the original patents by a guy named de Seversky.

Part IV of the Holiday Serial”. This leads to a Coulomb force and change of momentum so small as to be zero. Whether this increases or decreases briwn maximum momentum of the ionized air bieefeld not typically measured, although the force acting upon the electrodes reduces, until the glow discharge region is entered.

That asymmetry would give the vacuum a net momentum in one direction, and the material would have to gain momentum in the opposite direction to compensate. Such a scaling of the signal with mass may be indicative of a gravitational signature.

However, there is little experimental evidence that serves to validate his claims.