be equipped with a BENTEL BA ( V – 4 A) Linear power supply or BENTEL SECURITY srl reserves the right to change the technical features of this . bentel jf. hello i have a fire security system bentel jf and i cant find the instaler manual or usser manual please can anibody help my thx. Bentel JF tulekahju signakeskus в категории: Рабочее оборудование, строительство, Другие машины и оборудование (ID номер.

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Each detection zone is equipped with an alarm-repeat output for selective management in the event of fire.

DSC section locked out? – Community Forums

Glass break To set the zones I entered: The JF control panel is available also with a backlit display wich shows all the infomation regarding the control panel status. DSC section locked out? Aprilaire – Basic Solenoid Question. The keystrokes you are writing out are the correct ones, but I don’t think that’s what you are actually entering.

Is this a hardware issue, or have I somehow disabled this function? The control panel has controlled and silenceable alarm outputs for the control of the self-powered sirens, piezoelectric sirens, fire bells, flashers, telephone diallers, etc.

The largest chip has the following: View and Download Bentel J installation manual bebtel.


I have a fault 5 on zone 1 that I can’t seem to clear. It’s really easy to be one segment off and not realize it. I wanted to make sure the keypad zones are null to eliminate the possibility of zone 1 being associated with a keypad, but when I try to enter section I get the long betel beep. I am leaning towards a dud board since I have performed hardware and software resets.

A bit more testing with the bell unwired shows that everything behaves like it should, BUT After bentl minute do to confirm proper modules. Currently I have 00 for zone 1 in an attempt to clear the fault.

Bentel J524-F tulekahju signakeskus

The jumper for zone 1 resulted in the ‘Fire’ LED coming on, and there was still a fault on zone 1. I tried the zone 4 door after arming and it behaved the same way – continuous beep at the keypads and the bell went off immediately.

Master code has been changed too. Well, I had a bit of time to play with it again so I re-entered the zone definitions like this: What is the version number on the label on your main chip in the center of the motherboard?

I would go into installer program and press to reset the module list first.

Apparently the panel needs to see fire zones clear normally before the trouble will clear. Signals can be carried for meters by means of the JS24 annunciator. It has a six-zone main board that accepts up to benfel JESF expander boards for a total of 24 zones and detectors. Or default the panel programming and start over. Thanks for all your help!


Bentel Security

Gas water heater too hot. OK, I decided to go for it and did a software reset. What do you set your thermostat at? I had programmed a zone for fire that wasn’t, it went into trouble and wouldn’t clear by reprogramming the zone. The continuous beep from the keypad is correct, with a solid number on the LED for the zone. If the zone closes, then it’s a field wiring issue.

It’s really easy to get one segment off with one of these things. Any idea why I cannot enter section ? It is a CPI unit, which j524d to be standard everything has always worked for me up until now anyway. I also changed the times: I also changed the basement door to instant Newsletter Sign-Up Signup Email address. I think you may have swapped a good battery for a failing one.