Taken represents the next chapter not only in the life of Alex Verus but in the life of author Benedict Jacka as well, as they both grow in their abilities. It is with. Taken. Alex Verus’ insights into the future used to be the best-kept secret in London. Now with the aid of his apprentice Luna, his unique investigative talents are. Taken (Alex Verus, book 3) by Benedict Jacka – book cover, description, publication history.

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As in the early Dresden novels, the mystery and the investigation that takes centre stage.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Quite a few beasts in the book. Mind magic, life magic, time magic, space magic and elemental magic are all skill sets that are discussed and developed.

The Bad This time around, it appears I have very little criticism. Jacka knows how to set them bsnedict and knock them down. Benedict Jacka interview About Benedict Jacka One overcast day in November I sat down at a study cubicle in my school library.

Taken by Benedict Jacka | : Books

The last time I read I have trouble praising books, I much prefer to criticize them cause it’s easier. Alex Verus’s insights into the future used to be the best-kept secret in London.

In this series View all Book 4. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Another amazing thing about this whole series is the balance of magical abilities, and how every skill fits perfectly into its performer. jwcka


Taken : An Alex Verus Novel from the New Master of Magical London

Rarely are there no poorly devised plots somewhere in a long series of books. The Council is the ruling body of Light Mages.

beendict The Best Books of Vitus Aubuchon was the mage who owned Fountain Reach previously. Other books in the series. The reader is not left disoriented by disorganized storytelling. I’m also writing one review and pasting it on all the books because it really reads like one long story, not individual stories, which is impressive.

Apprentices have been vanishing without a trace-and someone on the Beneict could be involved. Yet again, a super enjoyable book in the series and I’m excited to see what Alex gets up to in future adventures. Gotta Solid read that’s building on the precognition premise, this time revolving around missing mage apprentices from both the light and dark camps. Plot summary Alex Verus, our friend with an eye on the future, is on the job once again.

As far as the story is concerned, there is a bendict flow.

Taken (Alex Verus, book 3) by Benedict Jacka

I burned through the ones that were already published then and have snapped up each as it’s been released since. Next up are the adepts who can “actually channel magic in a subtle way”. Alex has no evidence, no witnesses, and no suspects.

I hope he keeps this up and maintains the different flavour of creatures coming. The wait for tken will seem endless.

In Taken we really begin to see Alex come into his own, he is more confident and sure in his actions and it reflects well on the page.

Taken by Benedict Jacka

When it’s finally revealed I got goose bumps, this is the bad guy that should scare bad guys. It’s great to see Luna’s power getting stronger too, and that she shows her ability as apprentice by controlling her curse and makes it as a weapon. I read on Benedict Jacka’s Wikipedia that he wrote a number of books that didn’t get published and I guess all that work prepared him jscka these books.


I don’t mind stories about teenagers, us adults often forget what I was like or most important how we felt at that time. But what happens when someone doesn’t If you want an urban fantasy not set in the United States, you need to read this series.

Preview — Taken by Benedict Jacka.

Well-plotted and intriguing, the third Verus book just raised the bar for the series. Aug 20, Scott rated it it was amazing Shelves: The gathering is occurring a Fountain Reach, an old and mysterious house with secrets that Verus must expose.

Since Jacka now refers to Luna as an Adept, I’m guessing she’s moved up in power levels. Alongside that, however, is the growth and development of Alex Verus haken a character, as well as his own entourage. Paperbackpages. Stratus wakes alone, with no memory of his past. Happy Hour in Hell. The title sums it all up, for the apprentices are Taken.