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Car parts | car awaiting parts | | Oils, lubricants and fluids | Gear oil

This was a widespread problem in extensive systems that ,bx instance supermarkets use, and 6 – 18 months after oil change the problems of leakage became obvious.

However, in the list above there are oils mentioned which are fully synthetic so I may just bite the bullet. I understand that DVl is not recommended for mechanical clutch gearboxes – too slippery.

Therefore returning to the subject of what ATF to use, then it may pay to avoid a synthetic in a box always previously filled with mineral base ATF, if an alternative mineral base remains available. However, over a period of time as the synthetic oil meets the O ring it tends to leech out the traces of mineral oil the O ring had absorbed, but the synthetic does replace this oil, with the result that the O ring disintegrates into a snotty mess, and leaks then develop.

The following oils are suitable for these gearboxes List from ZF was dated Feb To some extent its an age thing, not the oil, me! Yes, that was what I suspected, and why I responded to Bobc’s autrab any ATF basically then’ comment – though I agree you’d have to go out of your way and pocket!


When you read through the many postings there have been on this and many other sailing and marine forums, there are warnings of issues with the clutch plates slipping when using ATF Synthetic oil and that is what I mvx.

You aren’t likely to buy DVl by mistake, I don’t think it’s widely seen on accessory shop shelves and is very expensive.

I can see the logic of keeping to the same oil type so will be changing my bottle of Halfords fully synthetic to straight ATF. So any ATF basically then. I cannot speak for any other oil manufacturers but the composition of Shell grades has changed markedly over the years.

This has led to some incompatibility problems even within the Shell catalogue. The full ZF oil list https: A typical nitrile O ring will absorb mineral oil, but not certain synthetics.

Well an O ring that has been in contact for many years with mineral oil will likely have absorbed some. The list was dated Feb It would be interesting to know how mnx that list is updated. If anyone would like a copy of the full document which covers many of the other gearboxes, send me a PM with their email address and I will reply with a copy of the full pdf document.

ATF is what is called for! Ignore the ZF number at the end as that is the ZF approval number.

When the oil is changed only the free oil drains out, leaving that absorbed into the O ring where it is. I gather from Wiki that there is no Dexron D-IV grade it was never approved by GMthough there is a D-VI which is of slightly lower viscosity than D-III when new, but with lower permitted viscosity loss from shearing in use — so the allowed final viscosity is the same. The current Tellus range differs enormously from what it was 20 years ago, for example.


Автосервис BMW XL

I cannot quote you gospel but believe this is why VP changed to specifying engine oil instead of ATF for gearboxes and saildrives, in case anyone used DVl instead of Dll or Dlll.

I think that also used to have ATF specified. I have recently being trying to sort out which oil to use in my Hurth HBW gearbox and have received this information from ZF in Germany which is a transcript from a larger document. However equivalent of Dlll is readily available from any car shop under lots of names.

Oil incompatibility with elastomer O rings is not a problem that shows itself immediately, and this is a problem well known and documented within the refrigeration industry.

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Technically Dexron ll and lll no longer exist – GM who own the names and technical authority have discontinued support. My other concern is that there are stories of oil seal problems when changing from straight mineral oil to synthetic oil and my gearbox is 18 years old but has only had about 7 years actual use since Problem with Halfords own brand is there is no provenance in terms of use in a marine gearbox so I am still concerned.

Thank you for the post on oil seals which was my main worry.

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