HE Avadhuta Gita is attributed to the sage Dattatreya, who spontaneously sang it after purifying himself in meditation and becoming absorbed in the. This work is incomplete. If you’d like to help expand it, see the help pages and the style guide, or leave a comment on this work’s talk page. Avadhuta Gita of Dattatreya [Dattatreya, Swami Ashokananda] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of the purest statements of the.

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As there is only one moon so there is only one Self in all. In reality, mind has no independent existence. That bliss absolute, ever-indestructible, but a Source of bliss to all, is the Avadhut.

I f you see the avqdhuta as unreal, can that be the experience of Unity?

Teachings and quotes of the The Avadhuta Gita

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. T he universe is the ‘shining forth’ of the One, There is no split, or division, or tita “aspects. In It there is neither day nor night, neither rising nor setting. Sanskrit Terms Defined in English.

Read more Read less. I am thus the pure Shiva, devoid of all doubt.

I do not gitz Shiva; how can I worship Him? How can it be said “When all is subtracted Self alone remains”? Neither is It of this world nor of the next. That all-pervasive ever blissful Reality, Immortality-giving knowledge am I.


So, now, while I’m in the state of samarasa, I, the Avadhut, have spoken of the Truth. I know neither joy nor pain; whom can they touch? Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

Translation:Avadhuta Gita

T he world of form and the formless Void: Avadhutaa syllable OM spoken is the essence of the lower and the higher knowledge. As there is no possibility of birth and death in It, so no conception of duty nor dereliction of duty can be applied to It. When Avadhyta, the Absolute existence, alone is, and It is I, then where is Transcendental Truth, where is bliss, where is knowledge, secular or spiritual? It is neither within nor without.

Neither a fool nor an expert am I, neither silent nor of many words; how can I speak of reasoning or argument since I am free even from the taint of Nirvana? All that can be said is that It is bliss absolute, and avaadhuta bliss am I.

I cannot speak of the third or Fourth states. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

It possesses neither intellect nor the power of thought. It is well known that “All is Brahman”; The scriptures have stated this in various ways.

Why are you giga, friend, since avarice, lust, attachment, are not you? To know that there is neither higher nor lower in Self is Self-absorption, to know that Self is ever free from time and space is Self-absorption.


Avadhuta Gita – Wikisource, the free online library

Space, time, water, fire, earth, constituting the world, are a mere mirage. Eternal, ever the same, the essence of All is Reality.

By nature all-pervasive as space, knowledge Absolute are you. I enjoyed these avdahuta because there were no troubling remarks about the caste system, no seemingly contradictory statements about following one’s dharma caste duty even if it involves a war that destroys mankind. But there is a fourth, the darkest of all, the wine of sex, which has intoxicated the whole world.

Neither unity nor separation exist in you nor in me. There is neither cloud nor water in It. How shall I bow down to my avadyuta Self in my own Self and by my Self? I cannot say whether the world is nothingness or if it is partly real and partly unreal, or, if like a flowing river though ever-changing, it is in fact real as a whole.

Avsdhuta am perpetual immutability.