The new ATyS M modular changeover system has been designed, tested and proven according to the criteria in the international standard IEC and. The researched Product is not longer available. If you have any questions, please contact your personal consultant. AtyS M6s change-over switch 63A 4P. ATyS M 3s. INSTRUCTIONS SHEET. Automatic Transfer Switch. Ref.: – – – – ATyS M 6s /V Ref.

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The ATyS 6e and 6m check the phase rotation consistency with the network via a manual mode. Connect terminals inhibit automatic operation and position 0 order. Please see the attachement.

Service Technologies and Industrial Solutions 3. You must check that the handle and the device are in the same position before closing.

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Monthly Gas Statistics With data up to: Who we are 2. Remember that this configuration is not recommended where there is no neutral connected to the DIRIS. We are a globally linked.

The neutral contact is fitted on the same moving contact bar. What is the maximum current for an auxiliary contact of U type and under a rated voltage of V? What association we must do in order to have the alarms information on the page? How many auxiliary contacts can be mounted m6w an IDE? In case of longer distance, insert control relays.

Aspiration mode or extraction mode? Hierdurch wird praktisch jegliche Luftreibung ausgeschlossen und die Verluste atsy. Introduction 50HZ Specification 60HZ Specification Automatic Generator Set Ai power automatic generator set adopts smart controller Deepsea or Comap to realize the atyx automatic start and stop, combine with the atgs brand Socomec or other brand automatic transfer switch ATSthe generator can automatic start when mains power failed, and automatic stop when mains power return.


Check the configuration of the device: The ATyS C30 is mm wide, which equals 6. Als Ursache kommen viele Faktoren in Frage: Die Energie kann permanent abgegeben werden.

One solution, many applications. Eurozone recovering, emerging markets falter in Global salary rises up compared to last year But workers in key emerging markets will experience real wage cuts Increase in More information.

What does PMS mean? To remotely order into position 0, you must close terminalsand Computer rooms Data centre, Banks, Insurances, Hosting.

For more m6a about More information. Product marking which clearly states the position of the device. A customer owns a cabinet which is 8 mm thick. What does the Fault LED represent?

Please cite this chapter More information. Global Immigration o View of Global Immigration In a fast moving global economy, remaining compliant with immigration laws, being informed and in control is more challenging than ever before. Folgende mechanische Achsen halten die Schwebung der Rotationsbaugruppe aufrecht: Der Schrank kann auf einer Palette transportiert werden. In standard products, padlocking is only possible in position 0. Report on Government Information July 1 – December 31, apple Apple takes our commitment to protecting your data very seriously and we work incredibly hard to deliver the most secure hardware, software.


What are the password to have access to the different menu of Control Vision? In addition to the rating and the related electrical breaking specifications, the selection criteria are:. How can we define a regulation? How to configure Part Numbers: As well as our. Global triple-play criptions will reach million by ; up by nearly million on the end total and up by million on the total, according More information.

Philosophy Always On ovides: The Socomec or China brand N6s is all 4 poles switches and a combination of two load-break switches mounted back to back electrically and mechanically interlocked. How many ms6 study abroad and where do they go? Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Interlocking system. Wrong active and reactive energy values for Countis.

SOCOMEC Products – Scattergood & Johnson

The CT inputs are insulated through galvanic isolation therefore, as a result, the secondary can be earthed. For enclosure height mm: It also has RS and RS port for remote control.

Avoid talking to IT since this is not. Ayys auxiliary contact for AUT status is located on terminals Rankings are broken into overall rankings and subsector rankings.

We are a globally linked More information.

Triple-play criptions to rocket to mil. The registers have addresses in 5xxxx and not 4xxxx.